Monday, 29 September 2008

Gary Larson's The Far Side - Classic American Funnies

Eve here again... I have been communicating with Adam recently and the topic of American versus British humor (or is it humour?) came up. While I am a big fan of Monty Python, I generally find jokes from the U.K. to be pretty dry and even boring. So, I told Adam about my favorite cartoon here in the states: Gary Larson's The Far Side. While Mr. Larson is no longer publishing these hilarious drawings, The Far Side had a long, 14-year run in newspapers that featured his single-pane funnies. Like any good fan, I've done my research. Gary Larson grew up in Washington State and started publishing The Far Side in the early-1980s. Larson's scientific background can be seen in many of his cartoons which often poke fun at silly scientists, as well as animals (cows and chickens are a big favorite), married people, and stupidity in general. That may be why I love Gary Larson's work so much.... stupid people drive me nuts!

There are hundreds upon hundreds of Larson cartoons in publication, and you can also find books and other products (my favorite is a day-by-day calendar). I'm going to get The Far Side Gallery and send it over to Adam as a thank you gift for all the help he's giving me with my online promotion. I hope he gets a good laugh! Gary Larson's jokes definitely cross cultural lines ....

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