Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Adam, Eve and the AppleMacBook

In case you haven't noticed, Adam has not been filling you in lately on his life and quest for an apple mac book. He's been busy - with me. We've been working together for awhile now and getting to know each other. Can you see me blushing? It's been a beautiful distraction from the complications of my daily life that I find so painfully boring.
He still wants an apple mac book, of course. It seems I am not enough to distract him from that goal. Then again, he hasn't met me in person.
I'm going to blog in his place for now and keep you up to date so he can concentrate on Internet marketing and the Thirty Day Challenge. As a writer, I really don't care much for the details of marketing, so I guess we make a good team. He doesn't want to write. I don't really get that. Am I the only one who is charmed by Adam's words? Or am I reading him between the lines? I hope he will be sweet enough to stop by and comment so I can read a little of his accent today.

I'm getting sappy now, sorry. I'm just a little taken with him. Maybe it's the accent. Maybe it will wear off and I won't feel this way after I meet him, if I meet him, in the real world. My infatuation just seems to be getting worse and I find myself becoming deeply invested in this man I can hardly claim to know. Why, in a city full of men, do I need to look across the ocean for a suitable match? New York is supposed to have it all. It seems to have everything. It lures people in with the constant activity, the diversity of cultures, the theater, the food and the shoes. Yes, the shoes. The shoe selection in this city makes the price of rent worth every penny. Seriously though, in a city full of so many options why can't I find a man here? And no, I am not immense, hideous or ancient. I've been told that my standards are too high. I want a man that is dripping with integrity and the has the ability to turn a disaster into joke, or fill a otherwise boring day with laughter. Yeah, you can see my dilemma now.
Is Adam this guy? I don't know yet.
We're working together for now; combining our talents to build our own little empire of virtual real estate. I will continue to believe that adam likes me for who I am, or at least for my writing talent, and not for the apple mac book that is warming my lap at this moment. And even though the sound of his voice makes me want to pack up my computer and send it off to London, I won't. Handing over the apple just may ruin this little paradise, even if it is a mere fantasy.

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