Monday, 2 June 2008

30 Day Challenge Preseason has finally started by the help of Ed's Apple mac pro

Preseason of 30DC 2008 has finally started and a few hundred members watched the live video show from Ed's house in Australia, last night. It is amazing what these guys are doing. I would really like to know more about the real costs and technical equipment behind running such a show in live. It is about hundreds of megabytes of data, which has to be transmitted worldwide in real time. Well, I could just guess about it. I only know that Ed uses a very powerful Apple Mac Pro with more than one processor, a very large RAM under the Leopard operating system.

This is the Thirty Day Challenge Number 4 - (the fourth continuous annual challenge).

The official time of the 30DC 2008 is the East Coast Time (American east coast).

Official Internet browser is the latest Beta version of Flock, which is specialized for Web2.0.

Twitter is the most important 'thing' which has happened in the Internet marketing in 2008. We are going to study Twitter much deeper and we are going to use it for many very targeted activities.

The world has changed so much in this last year. High quality video rocks! There will be different options of video formats, considering the quality of the video.
All training material is going to be optimized for Apple products, such as iTunes, iPhone, iPod, AppleTV in high definition quality.
All streaming of the video will be done by Youtube. There will also be a BitTorrent version of the educational material.

We are going to see brand new Internet marketing approach how to harness any market niche.

Until the start of the Thirty Day Challenge 8 individuals have become a dollar millionaires!
Ed Dale has developed the 30DC to teach people to get out of the daily work slavery (a rat race), which doesn't allow you a distant life at all.

Everybody should start with $1 (dollar)! To respect one dollar and to move further.

Teams are going to be very important in TDC 2008, because it is so much easier to succeed in a good team. Internet marketing in 2008 is a Team Sport and Team Nature of work is at utmost importance.

The most successful group last year were small business owners, who applied new learned knowledge of web marketing to their small private businesses with some amazing results.
The relation between men and women in 30 DC last year was about 50:50, which is also an extraordinary result.

The new training platform - the interface is going to be finished in one week time.
There are going to be 2 pages:
- preseason time page
- thirty day challenge page
with very easy navigation.

Ed also awarded one random participant of the show by amazing combination of 3 huge high definition digital monitors.

I sincerely hope there will also be at least one Apple Macbook pro among awards in this year TDC and that I am going to get a chance to compete for one.
Well, I didn't mean it too seriously, because I know that the real price of the apple state of the art laptop macbook pro is very, very high.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

30 Day Challenge 2008 starts Today on my way to my dream Apple macbook pro

Starting Line
Originally uploaded by Atrayu
This day has finally arrived! The Thirty Day Challenge 2008 preseason starts today.
We are going to start to dig deeper and deeper into the land of Internet marketing and Web2.0. I still haven't got my dream apple macbook pro with leopard operating system and iChat, but as far as I know my old PC still works quite well.
Bye, until tomorrow...

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