Thursday, 22 May 2008

Where Big Guys make money for their apple macbook pro

Today, Ed Dale told his audience where anyone could get all the professional knowledge and 24/7 support by personal expert for absolutely all professional web business needs. That means, when you exactly know what do you want to do, what do you want to offer and sell. You could sell products or services. The most important fact is, that you need to know exactly what do you want. This is for guys, who already use apple mac computers and Leopard OS in their every day work or online fun.
Watch this video about StomperNet, if you want to know more about this highly professional service.

I only know, that I really don't know yet what I want to do online.
Maybe, I still haven't got enough Internet marketing knowledge and experiences of what and how to do online?
I am sure I am going to learn much more in this year's thirty day challenge and I am really looking forward to its start, soon. After the 30 DC 2008 I could join Immediate Edge to learn even more professional technical knowledge. At that time, I am going to have a perfectly clear view of what and how to do and to continue my Internet marketing every day reality in StomperNet. Well, at that stage in my personal web marketing development I am more than sure, that I am going to be a proud owner of one apple macbook pro 17 glossy for some time, already.
Ed also said today, that he hasn't ever had a better electronic gadget that is his iPhone. He praises apple iPhone at all times.

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