Saturday, 17 May 2008

What should I write today about apple macbook and the ThirtyDayChallenge?

That fly has red eyes like me, today. Maybe, she had been binge drinking yesterday? (Photo by corvus72 Thanks!)

Toady, I really don't see well. A bit of too much focusing to computer screen in front of me and too many Internet learning hours and my bad eyes cannot cope too well. Tomorrow is Sunday and I am going to surround myself with fresh green grass and trees, which are very effective cure, like a healing balsam for tired eyes (so they say). I'd got totally scared today, when my old PC had frozen with absolutely no sign of life. Not even one green or red LED light was flashing, computer screen was dead, as well. After I unplugged all cables and repeated the procedure the computer started well as usually. Oh, how I was afraid. I urgently need it until I finally get my dream apple macbook pro 17 glossy or something similar from apple and powered by Leopard operating system, because I would love to use iChat.

I've found out, that I have a serious problems with using many web 2.o social networking and social bookmarking web sites, forums, etc. Each of them is something special and each of them has its own community. If I spend just a bit more time on any of them I immediately start to build my own nice community there. That doesn't mean that I start just like this to befriend new people, who I am meeting for the first time, but I really like to join their existing interest groups. What is the problem, than? The only problem is time spent on these web2.0 sites. The time I am spending on this virtual communities is far too long. I would like to contribute on many social web sites, but that is very hard to achieve, because the day has only 24 hours. Maybe, the recipe is to stick just with Internet sites, which I especially like...I am really not sure what could be the best tactic in this department.

Anyway, I am certain, that I am going to stick with Thirty Day Challenge 2008, because there is so much to learn and their leaders are very strict and straight, considering loads of fun and creative activities every day. Only watching their videos if a great fun and totally different approach than any ultra boring official educational institution. I have found out, that I am really learning so much new knowledge and experiences about Internet marketing, if there is enough socializing and laugh involved. I could do that for long hours not getting tired or bored at all. There are people from absolutely all over the worlds and that is simply amazing.

I hope I could do my 30DC 2008 on my old PC, because it was simply too early to earn enough for my new, dream apple macbook pro.


Leona said...

yea i get red eyes from looking at the monitor too long..but does it help with large screen lcd monitors?

adam said...

Hi Leona, of course it helps a lot, if not for the medical facts it helps by placebo effect of much better personal feeling of having big 17" glossy apple macbook pro screen in front of me, instead of an old, now even 15" monitor (I've got it from the street at the neighbour house clearance and have absolutely no idea how old is that box?).

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