Tuesday, 6 May 2008

What a beautiful, sunny Monday for MacBook Pro wondering

I am going to remember this Monday, because the weather was simply immaculate for this climate which is constantly changing from sunny to rainy and back in just a few minutes. Spring nature is blooming everywhere and it is so very tempting to go outdoor and to walk, walk, walk, or simply to lie on the fresh, green grass somewhere more remote and do absolutely nothing, except maybe to dream about one new apple macbook pro which is coming closer and closer to my reality.
Well, that is a theory, practical life is quite different if one needs to stay indoor, especially because I needed to stay indoor in front of the computer screen and only here and there I managed to look through the windows to admire gentle beauty of this spring time.

London has got a new major Boris Johnson. Tired Ken Livingstone has retired and was replaced by young 'bullish guy', with Russian name, what I believe is a very good sign, considering properly addressing and truly attacking London criminals in the City. Much tougher approach is urgent to introduce a 'zero tolerance policy', which new major had chosen for his election campaign. (Rudolph Guliani had been very successfully introduced 'zero tolerance policy' in New York many years ago). A good measure of 'Russian tactics' is going to be needed to clean London of guns, knives and muggings everywhere. This change in London top leadership has been more than welcome. Good luck Boris!

Internet marketing is a huge topic. More I dig into, bigger and wider it looks to me. Am I going ever to understand this topic more to be able to perform it for a living? All these SEO (search engine optimization) - off and on page, social bookmarking, social networking, content creation, marketing, conversion, adsense, web2.0, web3.0, etc. And all those web marketing ingredients totally spiced by google. Google is everywhere in the topic of Internet marketing. Google is beginning...google is the end. Google is a God of modern civilization. A Big Brother and controller of life. If one doesn't know, how to please and satisfy this corporate Data giant, one has no chances for a distant and successful living on Internet. I am learning to serve this power. I am learning to be a servant of google, to worship it and to praise it. This slavery has begun a few months ago and I am still green newbie in this amazing virtual world. I am a google slave, but I love it this way. I sincerely hope, that my future job is going to be Internet marketing or something similarly virtual what I could perform from anywhere in the planet, if there was a broadband Internet connection, Apple MacBook Pro and Leopard operating system.

Peter by Matt From London Thanks!

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