Saturday, 24 May 2008

Twitter is not reliable tool such as Apple Macbook pro

This picture expresses quite well my feelings today about some web 2.0 tools, including twiter.
I wanted to fulfill my old, many times repeated promise to learn more about the Twitter and to install the Twhirl. I was listening the video from the 30DC blog, where Ed precisely explains how to install it and how to use it well.

Sorry, for the all spring red roses, but the Twitter didn't work at all. It wasn't possible even to login properly. I really feel sorry for these guys there, because in this way they are going to loose some valuable clients for sure. There are some other similar tools on the market already and the competition is getting even more intense.
I am sure, that apple computers and laptops and other electronic gadgets (iPhone,iPod, etc.) work much better and are much more reliable than that poor twitter. I hope apple macbook pro is going to be really portable that I could carry it everywhere with me on my journeys.
I could also imagine of getting an Internet marketing apprenticeship at Ed Dale or at Dan Raine, sometimes in the future, if I am going to learn enough about quality content creation, search engine optimization no page and off page, tricks with video editing and posting, and much more.
I am truly looking forward to 30 Day Challenge 2008 and to Immediate Edge immediately after. I truly want to commit myself on a 24/7/365 basis to web marketing and I am willing to chew the snails on this way to achieve such a goal.
And of course, I haven't forgotten my dream about apple macbook pro 17 glossy with enough RAM only for, and an iPhone to accompany me to wherever I go (even to the rest room):

I hope, that twitter - twhirl partnership is going to work soon, because I am not going to give up so easy

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