Wednesday, 14 May 2008

There's a hidden Diamond in this video, but not Apple Macbook pro

It is truly worthwhile to watch this ULTRA LONG video of two Internet marketing gurus: Ed Dale and Dan Raine (Thirty Day Challenge). Obviously, they were in a very good mood especially for this occasion. This video is not just an another promotion for Apple MacBook, however you could hear some promotional praises about Apple TV (AppleTV) at the end of the video.

There is a 'hidden diamond' - a true 'secret weapon' in this video, which could save you long hours of very hard work of Internet marketing, social bookmarking or any other serious social networking. I strongly suggest you to watch it. If you need any further explanation, don't hesitate to ask.

Web TV provided by Ustream

I am also looking for any friend out there, who would like to join me in our Internet marketing exploration of social networking, SEO, social bookmarking, content creation, quality back links building, graphic manipulation, video editing, etc.
I am really not so good in putting words into sentences, but maybe there are some topics where I could be of a bit better use. I think, if we join forces, knowledge and experiences we could do something really nice and valuable. We could also create a nice team for the Thirty Day Challenge 2008.

Even though, I still haven't got my own Apple MacBook Pro and its master Leopard to control it, I think I could contribute some 'link juice' to our joint efforts.

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