Monday, 19 May 2008

Spring Clearance of my messy Digg account for the sake of my dream apple macbook pro

Every now and than it comes time to check up my web 2.0 accounts and today I was dealing with my totally messy MacBook Digg presence. I've managed to collect many hundreds of contacts there (almost a thousand) as fans and mutual friends, which were mostly dead. Oh yes, my contacts were dead as rocks. I finally decided to put that account in order and to get much better overview over the situation there. I am slowly preparing for a revolutionary shift to apple macbook pro and to Leopard operating system and I really want to do that in a very organized and minimalistic web 2.0 environment. I am going to be too occupied with learning how to use new Leopard os and all those wonderful programs written for a apple mac, especially iChat and ScreenFlow or something similar.
I was a real butcher today. I simply deleted hundreds of my dead contacts on digg and at the end of the day I really felt much better and lighter. I left only about 200 names and I am going to additionally shrink these 200 to about 100 quality ones, which are alive.

This early morning my 'Intelligence department under the stairs' has managed to intercept a very interesting secret video twitting Seesmic (Ed Dale) - a video messaging system, which is still in Alpha phase of testing. It is going to be a Twitter on steroids or red bull. I'd really felt like British secret intelligence between the WWII, when they had managed to confiscate one real and untouched German Enigma cryptic machine. Instead of sending 140 digit text messages like Twitter, Seesmic is going to share - deliver a real video messages. That is so very cool! And of course, Ed Dale and his Lab gang is already involved in testing. I tell you something. If you wanna know the recent state of the art Internet marketing technologies, tips and trick just follow the Ed. He is a very slippery guy, who is in constant move, but put some efforts and follow him, wherever he goes. You don't need to worry for your personal safety, he is not an extreme sportiest freak, because he is a resposible father of a young family, and all that makes the process of spying about his new knowledge and new Internet marketing techniques a bit easier.

I still haven't studied twitter enough, as I wanted to. I'll do that tomorrow, I hope. I simply need to, if I want to increase my online income to finally buy a new apple macbook pro 17" glossy, just for me.

Photo by gurneyh Thanks!

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