Friday, 16 May 2008

Page Rank Rocks on the way to my Apple MacBook Pro

Page Rank is a number, which shows how much Google loves your web site or any other particular web page. Higher is the page rank, higher is the fondness, which Google expresses to your web site. If I would like to earn enough to buy my new dram apple macbook pro 17" glossy, I simply need to do my best in learning tips and tricks of Internet marketing.
I still don't understand very well, how did I jump from PR0 to PR4 and even PR5 on two of my pages? I started on 10. February 2008 and I haven't posted really regularly after, even though I know very well, that Google loves you much more if you post every day. It is quite similar as it is in a real life. More attraction, more love, or something similar. I am really not very experienced in this matter.

How it is about relationship between my blog or any other web site and the Google? It looks like this search engine is a huge lover, who is engaged with billions of web pages and who constantly evaluates its partners and ranks them to express its love to them in accordance with their ranks. Higher the PR rank, higher the google love.

I rather won't judge the ethical side of such a promiscuous behaviour of being only one entity and having a relationship with billions of different web pages. I leave that judgment to more experienced and wise people than me to decide about. Such is a modern world today. Sergey Brin and Larry Page, founders of the largest and the most important search engine are very smart guys, who are interested in technicalities, not a morality of this story.

In last days/weeks I was playing a bit with measuring the strength of a good text link and I found out, that the PR (page rank) really plays a very important role in the rankings of search engines, especially in the niche markets.
Let be straight with some facts here. I am interesting only and only in little Internet niche markets. I have absolutely no chance to compete with big guys out there, who could afford to spend more per week to pay for the best SEO service, than I could earn in one whole year. I have some little chance to do quite well only in the small niche market, if I perform Internet marketing activities in as optimal way as possible.

I've got two new friends who were willing to participate in some measurements with their niche web sites and results were quite impressive. Once we also needed to remove the link, because it appears that it was simply too strong and one non monetized niche site had been pushed up in rankings and had overtaken the other web site from the same owner, which was monetized. Monetized site slipped to the second page in search engine ranking, which is not attractive at all, considering making web income from organic traffic.

There is so much more to learn and I am really looking forward to follow, what Ed Dale and Dan Raine and their friends are making ready for us in the Thirty Day Challenge 2008. Follow me, if you want to learn more about the topic of web promotion in the best possible way, absolutely free of charge.

Ups, there is also Robert Somerville alas Guru Bob - the TechnoLab boss, who I forgot to mention and to praise above.

I hope I am going to get my new apple macbook pro with leopard operating system soon to stop loosing tens of hours every week by using old slow PC and windows

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Inthedoghouse said...

It seems as if you are a bit of a pioneer in this area.. forging forward so that others can have a better way. Although I am not a very good detective I am an incredible You have discovered some interesting discoveries about Page Rank and I hope that it is enough for you to win your Apple MacBook from the Thirty Day Challenge with Ed Dale! Good Luck Pioneer!

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