Sunday, 4 May 2008

Oh, How I love Sundays without my new dream Apple MacBook Pro

OH, how I love a quiet Sunday. Nobody at home, me alone. Open window and only gentle, fresh spring air is entering my reality. A cup of tea helps to start a lazy day. Even though, I wasn't partying (I don't even remember how does a good party look like?) I feel quite tired. Long hours spent in front of my old screen and not moving enough has been showing its price. (new apple macbook pro with Leopard OS would have helped, though but...)
But, I don't complain, even a bit. I love laziness of this Sunday. I even didn't go to the church service, because there are some bad things happening with the high leadership of the Church of England. They simply don't know, what they would like to represent and do. They are so confused, that I simply cannot understand that and I cannot stand such a passive mood, either. There is absolutely no leadership, at all. Just a bunch of 'camp' old 'high brassed' priests, excuse me, bishops and archbishops. What a heavy titles for such a lousy work results.
They allow, that some 'flat-minded' archbishop of Nigeria commands to the Archbishop of Centerbury, who lives in a beautiful picturesque Lambeth Palace near the river Thames, opposite the British Parliament and Big Ben. That's all because Rowan William doesn't have 'man's balls' to behave as a man and as a boss of the institution he represents. What a shame!

I do like strong leaders, who know to lead, yet they are not dictatorial. They need to have a charisma, that one could immediately feel strong a kind of magnetic energy. They simply need to be attractive. Not so much physically by their body, face and appearance, but mentally and by their (work) results.
I like Ed Dale and Dan Raine (thirty day challenge 2008), especially because they are simple guys. Even though, they are very wealthy, comparing to me and to most people on this planet, every body could speak to them in a simple language. If you ask them something, they reply and they really offer so much expert knowledge, absolutely free of charge!!! in the world, where nothing is free.
That is something new for me, because I was used to wealthy class as very 'posh' and inaccessible, until them.

I really have a quiet, easy and lazy Sunday, because I still haven't got apple macbook pro 17" glossy screen to make me occupied at all times. I simply can't imagine, how many hours I am going to spend with one, when I am going to get one real MacBook, just for me? But, I am going to get one!

Photo by chelmsfordblue Thanks!

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