Friday, 23 May 2008

My Diggy (Apple )MacBook account reduced a lot in pursuing my Leopard dream

My Digg macbook (apple pic) profile has been on a very strict vegetarian diet for some time. It was simply unbearable to control hundreds of absolutely dead friends and fans, who were shouting at me at all times of the day and night, and when I'd shouted back that hadn't heard me at all, or they had simply ignored me. I felt really stupid and neglected by all that dead crowd in my profile under topic: Friends.
So I performed some little tests through a few short and quite cute shouts over the week. Today is Friday, the last working day before weekend. I decided it was going to be my clearing day. I wanted to sleep tight over the weekend. I really like statistics, sometimes. Today the statistics helped me to decide, who is going to be deleted as a friend or a fan. At the end of the day I have finished with about 127 living souls being written in my profile. I know very well that the whole process of reducing my Diggy list on my way to the new apple macbook pro equipped with leopard operating system is still far away from optimal. The list is going to further reduce to about 100 good mates, I could really rely upon at all virtual circumstances.
These are all heavy duty girls and boys from all over the world, who are not afraid to sit in front of their screen for many hours per day, if needed so.

Over the weekend I am finally going to study Twitter a bit deeper, even though it is constantly causing technical problems. Obviously guys at Twitter have been having cash problems for new computer servers in the same manner as me, considering buying my dream apple macbook pro. I hope the financial situation is going to get much better for both parties, soon.

Don't forget about 30 Day Challenge, which starts in 1.June!

Thirty Day Challenge 2008

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Inthedoghouse said...

I believe that you are a DIGG master and so will be taught accordingly by your example of extreme regimentation. Please you must simply master the Twitter sensation soon...

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