Thursday, 8 May 2008

Just another beautiful day to apple laptop macbook-ing (pro)

Early sunny morning. The day is still young. My cup of coffee was as usually delicious and refreshing, even though without my desired apple macbook pro (oh, how that coffee can make my day to start it smoother and easier). In recent weeks I was thinking a lot about Internet marketing, social bookmarking, social networking, content creation, SEO, and all those very many other web 2.0 computer software technologies. I have read tens and tons and teens of different web sites, blogs, eBooks, emails and email newsletters, web pages. More I have read, more I've slowly started to realize where the true quality of Internet marketing teaching lies/rests/lives. Where these basic sources of web marketing wisdom really are.

Are there really any basic origins of Internet marketing out there? Are you sure or you are just making up to grab enough attention around you to feel more important in your 'miserable low life'? These days everyone wants to become a celebrity. A celebrity chef, celebrity singer, celebrity footballer, celebrity Big Brother. There is no end of celebrities. How could I trace some celebrity Internet marketers or rather marketeers, if I am not skilled in spying and other clandestine detective techniques?
Maybe, by following the footprints of knowledge and simple use of a tinny pinch of a common sense which anyone of us certainly possesses, as a default by our genetics, from our mothers and fathers and grandparents, as well. There is a journey to find a secret nest of holly web marketing knowledge out there. It is going to be very rough and painful and you are going to spend tens, better to say hundreds or even thousands of hours, if you want to reach that holly grail of web wisdom to allow you to become truly financially independent for good.
Is it worthwhile? Such a sacrifice of my spare time? What about my social life, my buddies, my pub, my night club, my gym, my rowing classes, my travels, visits of my relatives and parents? Do I need really to sacrifice all of those for getting a really mature, boring professional in web business, who knows enough about it to become free for ever? The answer is plain and short: YES. It is going to be a travel of epic dimensions similar to that of James Bond Agent 007 or Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones, yet you won't travel on horse, ship, plane, boat, train. You won't be surrounded by beautiful, heavenly attractive, young girls but through the WWW = world wide web, equipped by computer, web browser and broadband Internet connection. You are going to stare into your screen, even though your eyes are going to be very sore and red in the middle of the night, while honest people sleep. There is no other chance to achieve the title of IM guru, without a great sacrifice. If you wanna travel the world really wildly, if you wanna enjoy on the Copacabana beach in Brazil, be accompanied by beautiful young ladies, and be served by smart butlers serving the most exotic chilled cocktails, there is only one way: sit down and study and forget about the rest of the world surrounding you.

In old times, wise people would have always given advise to younger, less skilled and less experienced members of the tribe=public: 'trace the money - follow the money'. That is certainly the best and the oldest technique in the planet, beside betrayal and getting information by physical or mental torture, as American President knows so very well, that he has even legalized 'weatherboarding', 'waterbeding', or how do they spell that terribly famous and ultra fashionable CIA torture? And all that in modern times of 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008? I am sure, that the President has been experienced, has been tested this trendy torture method personally on himself alone, before he legalized it and pronounced it, as a very useful and not harmful to human life.
Indeed, I have no wish for any dirty and bloody technique, but follow the money will do, as it has been done through the all long history of mankind, so many times.

Internet marketing = steeling ideas and copying them from other web gurus and publishing them on your own web site. Nowhere in any world activity which involve people they take = copy - I won't call that stealing so many ideas, words, pictures, digitized films, sound tracks in mp3 format(especially for the famous Apple iPod), and many more different data, as it is happening every day in Internet marketing. It seems, that everybody is copying everybody. People who haven't earned a dime for themselves are proudly teaching and loudly preaching of how to earn $millions almost instantly overnight? It is true, that many things are possible on the Web, but what is certainly not possible is getting rich online without an appropriate knowledge and good computer skills on apple macbook pro, if possible. If there are a few exceptions out there, that just confirms the previous sentence and certainly cannot be generalized to many more people.
'Give me your emails!'
'Sign here for my newsletter!'
'Subscribe to my RSS feed by pressing that huge, orange RSS Feed button!'

and other similar ways of how to obtain individual email address for building my own Mailing List, which is a total Must for any web promoter. Without these features I simply can not perform a successful business in IM department. Bombarding and spamming my mailing list by never ending selling offers, where I need to especially state a scarcity of a product or service I am selling. And I also need to offer a huge discount to my email bombarded clients, which needs to be written by colored, big letters. And in any case, I should forget to include carefully constructed and highly positive testimonials from happy customers, who have already bought my services and products and who had been felt an urgent pressure of expressing their praises about me, my products and my services. It looks like they are worshiping me. Me - I, as their Internet marketing guru, who is taking them carefully holding their hand along the road to Internet enlightenment. I am profoundly touching and improving their lives and they are immensely grateful to me.
Testimonials in text form, as podcast in audio form (and remember, there is nobody better out there, than Lisa Hartwell and her company and in recent time in the form of video testimonials, which are of course, far the most successful and persuasive. However, not many of us really feel comfortable in front of the video camera and booking my hair stylist only for this occasion, could be a very expensive and highly annoying task, doesn't it?

Tracing and following the knowledge have finally brought me to the right people for my learning highway to the web marketing, social bookmarking, social networking, web2,3.0, SEO, grrrr.
Wow, I am tired and I am going to continue next time...

Am I going to see my Apple MacBook Pro 17 glossy, soon? Who knows? My wallet sucks!

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