Monday, 5 May 2008

House prices are dropping by $1000 pw and (Apple iCer)

Economy in Britain is not at good health, at all. House prices are falling by $1000 per week! That is a very bad news for all people, who took out mortgages at the peak of the property prices. Some properties have already reached the status of 'negative equity', where the credit facility is higher than the value of the property.
Every bad is good for somebody else. They expect, that the house prices are going to fall for at least another two years, and maybe that could be a good news for me to get hold of my own flat or a house, one day. That would have really meant a peak of my material side of life.

However silly it maybe sounds, I truly dream about Apple MacBook Pro laptop, equipped with 17" glossy screen. I simply want to taste, to consume and to enjoy Apple Leopard operating system, for which they say, it is far the best graphic-multimedia operating system in the planet. Ed Dale says, iChat and many other very useful and tempting Mac programs are just features, which PC and Microsoft could only dream about. He says, that he simply cannot imagine his success without an apple mac pro. Of course, Ed and Dan Rain (man who wears a very special pink thongs) have many Apple Mac Pro computers under their roof, and all other electronic gadgets, which go along with apple. iPod and especially iPhone is a gadget, Ed simply cannot live without.

I've just got an idea. What, if I would ask Steve Jobs, if he would establish/announce the title of

Apple Mac Knight 1St class with golden wings and a pearl,

and the special ceremony as 'Apple Mac Knighting Ceremony - shorter AmKc'
(maybe even 'iCer' that everything would have been in Apple design shape)

for the individuals, who have had widely and extremely successfully promoting Apple Macs, iPhones, iPods, Leopard OS and all other special electronic machinery from the arsenal of Steve Jobs? He could invite them to any special place and to make a real ceremony by knighting those luck individuals. That would has been another outstanding opportunity for free and wide media attention. I believe, that HRH Queen Elisabeth II of Britain would have been delighted to teach forever young, unshaven Steve Jobs of how to appropriately conduct a high sounding ceremony of knighting.

Ed Dale is certainly a person, who deserves such a title, because he has already managed to persuade thousands and thousands Internet fans, that they had forever switched from Microsoft-Intel PC to Apple Mac and Leopard operating system and from old fashioned Nokia nad Motorola to state of the art, glossy and super sexy iPhone.

Ups, I almost forgot to mention AppleTV, which Ed has been promoting in the Thirty Day Challenge, Immediate Edge, StomperNet, Underachiever, DomiNiche to his tens of thousands and more of totally devoted and loyal followers.

And nobody could have done better Audio Marketing promotion for the entire 'Apple Mac Knighting Ceremony', than Lisa Hartwell, personally.

Photo by Jacob B√łtter Thanks!

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