Wednesday, 28 May 2008

The Future of Free Interent is at Stake no matter the Apple macbook

Let's not allow to that faceless multinational corporations to take our freedom. Let's stop their attempts to control our life, even more. My dream about Apple MacBook pro doesn't play any role in this activities.
It is about our basic freedom. It is about Freedom of Internet.
It is about control over the faceless telecoms global corporations.
Don't leave your neighbor MP, senator, congressman, politician, and any leader not be additionally informed about the intention of these telecoms giants.

At least, Apple Mac has created an amazing and powerful community, which is quite coherent in reactions, if threatened by anyone really. Together, we could restrain these telecoms giants quite easy, no matter their size and money power. Do you know how? They are all managed by people by names, who could be addressed properly, when needed. Apple MacBook and Leopard O.S. rule as a community, as well.

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