Thursday, 29 May 2008

Flock, a strong breakfast and apple macbook with iChat

February 2008 003
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I've started to use Flock Internet browser a bit before my dream about Apple macbook pro have finally come to fruition. They say: 'Patience is a virtue'.
I still don't feel comfortable by using Internet browser Flock. I installed it properly, exactly as I saw in video lesson from Ed Dale. Not old version, but Beta version. It works perfectly well, it is even fast enough.
I also logged to my social web 2.0 sites through Flock, such as Digg, Flickr, Gmail, Pownce, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.
They all work so well and very smoothly, but I simply don't feel comfortable, yet. I am going to need some time to get used to new Flock environment, and I am also looking forward new videos about how to use the Flock, which Ed had promised.
What do you think about my breakfast? A bit of fresh tomato, scrambled eggs, fresh white bread-baguette, a coffee? (these pen, and a USB key were just for a decoration)
I hope, the Flock will become a part of my mind very soon and that I will feel much more comfortable at using it, than I feel now.

How many more breakfasts am I going to have before the aple macbook pro is going to arrive to my life? (I hope not too many, though)

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In The Doghouse said...

I believe your breakfast is so much healthier than my Brown Sugar Cinnamon "Pop Tarts" but not quite as tasty... And speaking of have great taste in browsers... Flock is so cool, I too am just now getting started with it but am already falling madly in love!

Victoria Bed and Breakfast said...

Very nice breakfast :)

Our bed and breakfast serves a little differently ;)

adam said...

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