Monday, 12 May 2008

Internet Marketing Guru Ed Dale has announced the Thirty Day Challenge 2008

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My first post from flickr to my blog

A red star in my Thirty Day Challenge tool bar in my Mozilla Firefox Internet browser was flashing this morning. It reminded me that there was a new message from the ThirtyDayChallenge web site I needed to open. I immediately checked up the news and it was a video from Ed Dale about the 30DC. He has finally announced the official pre-season opening of the '30 DC 2008' on Wednesday night about 8pm, eastern time (eastern time means the time zone of eastern coast of USA, you know Boston, New York - they call it 'Big Apple' and there around).
Oh my Goodness, you simply can not even imagine, how very excited I am about this challenging event! Adrenaline is flushing all over my body and my face is red-ish like I would have been drinking too many pints of lager.

Learning and trying about flickr secrets which Ed has been mentioning all the time, but if I'm honest I really have no official clue what is that flickr fuss there all about. I am sure he is going to explain a bit more for us, who are not so lucky and fast in our Internet marketing expertize capacity.

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