Saturday, 10 May 2008

Ed Dale reads my humble blog Apple MacBook Pro Dream and drives Prius

It crashed into my mind like a real bomb explosion this morning! When I wanted to write a new blog post, I found out there was a comment to be moderated. First, I was afraid that I offended somone in my last blog post. Second, I thought it is some advert for buying Apple Macbook pro, iMac, mac pro, mac airbook, even iPhone and iPod, which are sent regularly.
I anxiously opened the comment and I slowly read it. Wow, holly cow, I couldn't believe what I was reading. It was Ed, famous Ed Dale himself - Thirty Day Challenge. (I've already told you that my sight is not too good and that sometimes I see a very crazy melted letters and graphics and I need some additional time to focus my view.) Did Ed Dale really saw my blog? Did he read my posts? He had answered to my questions I had written about him, if he lives environmentally friendly life?
That was really a great and nice shock to me. I was so very excited, that I needed to read the Ed's comment a few times more to be sure it was him. He as a top expert in his profession, who knows thousands of important people and who is socially connected to thousands of more, has taken his precious time to read my humble newbie-beginners blog full of mistakes? I am speechless.

He drives a Toyota Prius, the same as beautiful and gorgeous actress Angelina Jolie. He also has an energy efficient household.

I wanted to continue my writing from my last post about prime sources of modern Internet marketing knowledge. I wanted to reveal at least one of them. I wanted to write about real good leadership, which is a necessity in any successful activity of any group of people. There is no successful project without a good project leader. (this old Roman saying sounds very posh and it pronounces a basic condition for something...: 'Conditio sine qua non.' WOW, I found a mistake on Wikipedia - in original old Roman texts it was spelled as conditio, not condicio, yet the pronunciation of both spellings is the same - different spelling is due to a difference between classic and traditional Latin).

One wrongly spelled letter does not do any harm in life, yet it could lead computer to calculate a wrong result, because computers do not make mistakes considering basic calculations and logic operations. However, in Internet marketing and especially in SEO (search engine optimization) and social bookmarking it is sometimes very advisable to commit some little, simple mistakes to differ from the crowd. People do make mistakes, while typing their words in google search. How do I know? I am doing similar mistakes constantly when I need to search for something. And if you look at Google Analytics about which key phrases = key words have brought traffic to your web page you could find so many spelling mistakes in search phrases. Google is our new God, who we should all obey and respect unconditionally, no matter if the God likes us and rewards us by climbig up the rankings or punishes us by dropping in search engine ranking, or even excludes us to prison called google sandbox and supplemental index.
A little planned mistakes in social bookmarking - tagging could help your link to be seen as unique and regular, not just as spamming array thorough the myriad of social bookmarking web 2.0 web sites, created by SocialMarker, SocialPoster and many more professionally written software for performing social bookmarking in a half or a fully automatized/robotized manner on PC Windows/Vista or apple macbook pro Leopard.

I wanted to write about many different topics today, but I am simply too excited by Ed Dale's comment and I need some more time to rethink what I had meant to write. I wanted to write about his work, I wanted to write about his openness, kindness and down to the earth stand in life, even though he is ultra successful business wise.
After his comment I need to reshape and resize my thoughts to look more natural and not directly influenced by his presence here.

Ed, I simply need to admit: You made my Saturday! I need so little to be highly motivated and to continue my journey to the land of web marketing. Thanks, I hope I am soon going to join the happy world family, who run apple macs, imacs, macbooks, iPhones, iPods, and especially Leopard OS.

a positive comment made by Ed Dale from the Land of Oz means much more than just a little

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