Sunday, 18 May 2008

dream apple macbook, mac twitter and green Sunday

Sunday was green as I said yesterday. There is nothing more nice than a forest or a park in spring time. All around wonderful aromas of blossom and fresh green grass and tree leaves. My eyes are much better today. Fresh air, fresh view. Many new thoughts were running through my empty mind, even though I had decided not to think too much, but just relax surrounded by fresh green background.

I wanted to learn more about twitter today and to go through video educational material about it on the 30DC web site. I am very procrastinating considering twitter, yet I know how powerful that communication tool is. Well, I know only what Ed and Dan talks about it, but I can also see people are using twitter every day in announcing something interesting to their followers. These days anyone who means something in the world of web 2.0 and Internet marketing is using Twitter. My personal experience with twiter gadget on this blog, which was showing my twitts is quite bad. Obviously the company doesn't have enough powerful servers and they are constantly out of work or it took more than a minute to load my twittings to my blog, which blocked this blogger blogspot to load fast enough. Google doesn't want to wait when visiting your web site to scan it for indexing your web pages and I certainly don't want that destiny.
I want to be visible for google at all times. If I need to choose between google and twitter my decision is very simple and I kicked my twitts out of this blog, until the service gets better. I think, that the company has problems, because every day there are more and more new people signing to use it.

I also read today, that the company has implemented a very interesting system of punishing twitter spammers in a way that spamers are not harmful with their messages for other users any more. The algorithm is so sophisticated that the spammer even don't know that he is got blacklisted. How very clever.
Every day I am getting more and more spamming emails to my googlemail account. It looks like that the company don't even care about all those billions of spam mails as they could with their immense technological superstructure, which is constantly growing.
By the words of Microsoft's boss Bill Gates, google already serves about 75% of all searches in the world. Judging by that fact, I think that the company could have much easier block and delete spamming emails at their very source.

I wonder, if Apple company is planning to introduce also a mac book pro equipped with new series of Intel Quad processors, which are getting cheaper and cheaper?

Photo by Fresco Tours Thanks!

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