Wednesday, 7 May 2008

apple macbook pro Rush Time due to Ed Dale, again

Alarm, alarm, alarm...that is the sound which is vibrating loudly in my empty head. I am like these beautiful colorful parrots - Ara's - birds, which enjoy to scream to each other at all times no matter of what the rest of the world think about such a loud and 'inappropriate behavior'.

Ed Dale has officially announced that Thirty Day Challenge 2008 starts 1st, June, 2008 and not 1.August, as always. That means full three months earlier!
I made a plan to get new apple macbook pro 17" glossy till the beginning of this August just for me, but what should I do now? That means I need to get one mac laptop 90 days earlier. Well, I think that will not be possible due to financial drought in my wallet. I am saving pennies (pounds and dollars) for my desired purchase of Macbook, but my income streams are far away from buying new apple laptop till the end of this month - wow, and we are already deep in May.
What a shame...I am going to be forced to use this old Intel Celeron PC, which has been successfully upgraded by additional 1GB of RAM in April, for the price of $60. Now is much faster and it also runs some programs which I couldn't use before.
That's life: ups and downs. Sometimes wild fun and pleasure, next time sadness and tears.
Thanks to you Ed, at least I know my knowledge about Internet marketing and web 2.0 technologies is going to flow a bit earlier to my brain and maybe, I could be able to learn enough of quality content creation and social bookmarking to be able to make my own web site. My own web presence, my little Virtual Empire. Oh, how very much I wish to have my own web site which could offer enough good content, services or products to my web site visitors to make enough for a living.
I am not complicated at all. I am a very simple guy, who would really love to make my living through the use of immense power of Internet. I would truly love to be a friend with Google. I would like to know enough about SEO - search engine optimization and web marketing to create enough income to cover all my expenses. I am sure, that I will learn so much in 30 day challenge this year. That will be a fantastic opportunity to meet brand new people from all over the world, all races, all nationalities, all religions, all languages, and I am sure some of them are going to be my mates for helping each other and having loads of fun together. Maybe, we are also going to meet each other in real life and have some nice chat in real, not only through broadband Internet connection, which stinks so many times, even though I am paying $80 each month for this service. (Life is so very expensive in London.)
I am truly looking forward to the beginning of June to meet new friends from all over the planet!

I wonder, if Ed Dale offsets his carbon footprint, which is getting more and more popular promotional and marketing activity of successful people, worldwide? He lives in hot and wonderful Australia. Does he uses solar panels or solar tiles on his roof to generate free, green electricity? I should ask him about his environmental conscience personally at the 30 DC. I hope, he won't mind that green question.

Photo by kabils Thanks!

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Ed said...

Dont worry you of will do just fine for preseason!

I dont like wearing my politics in public but I do drive a prius and our house has been designed to be energy efficent.

The awful irony is that its much easier to be green when you wealthy.

Let's hope that changes soon!!

I follow the blog and can think if no one more deserving

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