Saturday, 3 May 2008

Apple MacBook Pro is still my Bright Dream

NO, I haven't got it, yet. Apple MacBook Pro 17" glossy is still not making my computing days much more exciting, much easier and much more creative, as I am used to with my old PC companion and windows operating system.

YES, there were some successes on my way to this clear goal in past few weeks, but there is still long way to go to earn enough to buy my own Apple Mac computer and some other gadgets, which go along with Leopard OS experience. Good video camera, good microphone, fast wireless home network, much better High Definition digital video camera and quality still digital camera with appropriate lenses, to name but a few. I could have admired all this technical miracles on Ed Dale's live broadcasting on Internet. I know, that he is a 'filthy successful millionaire', but one doesn't really need millions to get a distant apple mac pro equipment these days, equipped with enough RAM, processor power and run by Leopard OS, doesn't it?
I truly am grateful to Ed Dale to show me a wonderful land of better computing, than it still is on my old PC. There is also Dan Raine, Ed's buddy, who is a great Internet marketing teacher and guru, like famous GuruBob or Guru Bob, a top computer programmer (a kind of an Einstein scientist from the Comp Lab), buddy of those two. They all run notorious Thirty Day Challenge, the largest world Internet marketing education program, which is absolutely free of charge.
Dan Raine is much more famous - a kind of a true celebrity (like gorgeous Paris Hilton and her bunch of girl friends) for wearing a special 'pink thongs', than he is famous for his expert state of the art computer programming, but we simply cannot judge people's personal opinion...because, there is a well known rule: 'Reputation precedes us.', as it was said in Kill Bill 1, where there was a great old fashioned fighter Uma Thurman - Beatrice Kiddo alias Black Mamba, Deadly Wipers assassination squad, made by Quentin Tarantino.

My computer had been finally upgraded with additional 1GB of RAM for £30-$60 and I really need to admit, that it truly works much, much better, than before. It just flies, if I compare it by my old PC experience. So simple, smooth and fast action as it was upgrading RAM memory of an old PC computer, and so great a difference in performances achieved.
I am note loosing hours in waiting to perform basic computer operations as before, any more. However, this is still not a condition, where I should have been satisfied. (women are never satisfied) Oh no, far away from that. Faster PC helps me to learn about Internet, blogging, Internet marketing, social bookmarking, SEO (search engine optimization), about virtually meeting new exciting and very interesting people from all over the world and learning from them and exchanging personal experiences...

I'm using much more frequently Digg, Mixx, StumbleUpon,, Ma.gnolia, Facebook, and many more social networking/bookmarking web sites. How do they call them? Web 2.0 technologies. If I am honest, I don't really know them well, but there is Web 3.0 already coming to our every day virtual life, and I still haven't got even a slightest clue of what does that mean?
And, if you ask me how much time I am spending on-line every day, my straight answer is 'a lot', and I don't regret it even a bit.

It is a beautiful, bursting, spring time in London and as far as I am concerned, my bright dream still is delicious, crispy and outstanding ... (apple macbook pro) ...

Photo by eddale Thanks!

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