Sunday, 11 May 2008

Apple MacBook Pro is the only missing element of Sunday

The weather is just wonderful these days, and spring time in May is certainly the best part of the year. I did some SEO (search engine optimization) foruming yesterday and this morning and I need to say that I found some very useful and inspiring tips and tricks out there. People could learn so much on Internet these days, but only if they are willing to spend enough time indoor in front of their screen to browse the web and to learn. It is really nice to belong to any community, where people with similar interests are sharing their knowledge and experiences.
I have joined UKWebamsterWorld, yesterday and I need to say, that my first experiences were quite pleasant. Despite my low expert knowledge about the Internet Webmaster topic I feel very comfortable, there. There are also guys like me, who are there to learn and to cooperate to achieve their Web marketing goals faster and smoother, than doing that all alone.

It could have been truly amazing Sunday, if I would have already got my desired apple macbook pro 17" with glossy screen. To go outdoor in the forest, park, grass field accompanied by laptop, some sandwiches, crisps and a can of cold beer or two. Surfing world wide web through mobile broadband Internet connection, sipping cold Guinness or any other lager, rally. (...dream Johny, dream...with open eyes) An association has just popped to my mind; an old poem written by Siegfried Sassoon: 'Does it matter', which goes like: Do they matter? those dreams from the pit? you can drink and forget and be glad. and people won't say that you are mad... It is a very sad poem about war veterans, who had returned from the slaughterhouse of the WWI and they simply could not integrate into society any more. Many of them terribly wounded and 'crippled'. I still vividly remember this poem from school. (Only in one day more than 58.000 young British soldiers (18-22 yo) lost their lives. We should learn more from such terrible events. We should really appreciate peace and freedom and all what we've got today.)

I would like to help good people out there, who are interested in link building for their web sites. I've never had any really good and strong tool considering link analysis. Of course, I've got a few, but never as good as I would have wished to. This morning I finally found one tool. A guy called Spider-Man posted a link to free SEO tools, which is on the web site SEOPRO. Australian company, wow, that is in the Land of Oz, the homeland of Ed Dale, as well. So here is a deal for me in the near future:
1. First is to learn much more about Internet marketing, web 2.0, 3.0, making nice promotional videos and posting them to video servers like youtube, googlevideo, flickr, etc. Social bookmarking, social networking, quality content creation, SEO and building quality back links.
2. Second is to get one apple macbook pro 17 glossy and Leopard operating system only for me.
3. Third is to finally visit the land of eternal sun, kangaroos, koalas, coral reefs and cute sharks, hard working and always smiling people: Australia - The land of Oz, down there or down under to where Quantas flies, when British Airways loses its luggage at brand new Heathrow Terminal 5 (T5).

However, there is absolutely no other community out there, which could be so good, so useful, so knowledgeable, so numerous and so very attractive as it is Thirty Day Challenge (30DC) by Ed Dale and Dan Raine and their gang of Internet Followers. And they are all riding their Apple Mac Pros with Leopard os and regularly Twittering by their Apple iPhone-s.

Photo by Subhash Chandra Thanks!

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