Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Apple MacBook dream, Internet Real Estates of Adam Jones from Kilburn,

This photo represents an empty field. It is located very close to my house in Kilburn, London. It reminds me to my empty Virtual Field, may non existing Internet real estate, which is just asking to be populated by virtual buildings as web sites, blogs, social networking sites, bookmarks, etc. It reminds me, that there is a chance for me to finally become somebody who owns his own property, even though that is only a virtual property such as a blog or a simple web site. I know that the best hardware for building such virtual properties is Apple MacBook Pro and Leopard operating system, which are my blogging dreams.

It took me a very long time to understand the term of Virtual Real Estate - Virtual Property - Virtual Empire.
I know, that the property market had got totally crazy in last few years in Britain. Many people made $millions just by buying and holding their properties. House prices were rising so fast, that people started to buy houses in the same manner as they were buying bread rolls in their local supermarket. Very cheap loans had been allowed very easy house or flat buying for people who wanted to buy them. Even buying computers such as PC or apple macbook were not so easy to purchase. There was always a second thought considering buying computer equipment for those people. Yet, they were taking mortgages to buy houses as mad. Sometimes banks had been approving loans of 120% value of the property! (I've never seen a bank which could offer a loan of 120% value of the personal computer, even though one could make a very nice money by working on that PC.)
Than, it came a notorious Credit Crunch - a world financial crisis, because of greedy bank managers who were lending money to people with bad credit records. Repossessions are a sheer reality almost everywhere today. Thousands and thousands of families are going to lose their house due to negative equity of their property and the fact that they are not able to repay their credit obligations - loans.

Whenever Ed Dale (Thirty Day Challenge) had mentioned buying and selling web sites and blogs as a very lucrative and very tempting business, I just skipped this talk. I thought the topic is somehow connected to real estate agents, who is the worst possible group of people in Britain to deal with. They con people in so many ways, that it is simple unimaginable. I have started to despise the Labour government, just because they allow such a criminal behavior. BBC TV has been constantly showing how real estate agencies are tricking people to extort extremely high profits just for abusing internal information about properties, they are representing. I would much rather talk to a street bagger than to any real estate agent, because I simply trust more to the average bagger than to those properties 'con-agents'.

Oh, how I was terribly wrong in my perceptions about the topic of web virtual empires. There is a business, which is so very attractive and profitable. That business is building virtual properties, monetize them and sell them for a profit. Of course, you do not need to sell those Virtual Households, if you prefer to earn constant income by holding them and managing them properly. These web sites are like any other buildings. If you want to keep your own house in a good condition you simply need to manage it nicely as a good master by keeping it clean, dry, technically maintained and fully operational. You also need to have a proper insurance policy that you could sleep tight with no worries about potential loss in any accidental occasion.

I was such a silly boy! 'Oh, how I was stupid!' That was my personal comment, when I had finally realized what lies behind the term of Online Real Estates. I could have been financially totally independent already, if I only would had been realized where the future of business were moving on time.
It really doesn't help me a lot if I feel sick for my short mind for too long, though. I was looking for the opportunity to start to learn. I wanted to learn as much as possible about online Internet Business and Marketing. More I was looking around, more different strange words were coming to my reality. Social networking, social bookmarking, Internet marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), key words - key phrases, back links building, writing text, making your own photos, making your own podcast, making your own video - all that is called content creation. And there is so much more.
Far too much for a good taste. And deeper I dug, wider and more complicated everything looked. I really needed many months to started to realize what an immense Virtual Property Internet really is. What a powerful Virtual Tool that could be! And that even I could find a little field there just for me - my own virtual empire.

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