Thursday, 15 May 2008

Apple MacBook Air is just one of the awards in Thirty Day Challenge 2008

One of the awards in 30DC 2008 is going to be Apple MacBook Air!!! Could you believe that? I dream about regular apple computer or macbook pro, but they are giving Apple Air, which is state of the art of the latest technology? Well, that is something for me to keep me awake at any time, really.

My dear friends. It was very worthwhile to stay awake last night and to enjoy the official announcement of the pre-season of the Thirty Day Challenge 2008 by Ed Dale.
That was a real launch of Thirty Day Challenge 4 - IV. Dan Raine was constantly present through texts he was sending by iPhone from the airport, where he was waiting for a late plane to England.
Ed started with so grand and so powerful classic music, that my eyes were immediately full of tears. Old memories had started to come to my mind. He had really managed to touch me profoundly.

Are there any catches in TDC? Absolutely not, says Ed Dale.
Teams are vital! Some friendships gained in the thirty day challenge lasts for life.
I am truly looking forward to start it this year at full pace on a 24/7 basis.

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