Thursday, 13 March 2008

These ugly, boring signs

Most estate agents in Kilburn and around Christchurch Avenue use very similar signs for announcing their services. I simply don't like them. They are so boring and very annoying to me. Whenever I see them, I think about how much they pollute our environment. Our free space in Kilburn is quite limited, because this is residential London and not suburbs or wide countryside, but such non-creative property signs are making all appearance even worse and more space limited. I am really looking forward the day, when the government is going to realize their disgusting effect to our living space and cut them off by night, with no mercy at all.

This is certainly the best fruit stall in Kilburn and the man is a really great guy, who is there at all times.

Maybe, these signs look a bit better and a bit more creative than previous ones. This comparation reminds me relationship between Apple Mac computers and classic PCs. Creativity versus Boredom.

i am sorry, for bad picture formatting in blogger. i'm sure i'm going to do it much better with apple macbook pro

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