Monday, 10 March 2008

Most people hate Mondays!

Most people hate Mondays, but I truly like it. It is the very beginning of every new week. A week which should be as promising as it could be every new week. I expect that something promising and nice is going to happen this week in March, considering my unrealized dream about Apple Mac Pro computer in any form, really. I just want to have it and to work with...every single day from that moment on. After that Ed's video about iChat, I am truly poisoned by Leopard, rather said: successfully seduced by that awfully, incredible new Apple operating system.
I am 'catching' myself spending more and more hours reading and studying about Internet marketing, SEO, webmastering and similar stuff. I am sure, that I've spent much more than 300 hours about this topic, already. Maybe, I should spend another 300 by practical testing different techniques in real life - on the web and just find new profession, which is going to pay me more to buy my new Apple MacBook or so, much faster. If I could only have a suitable credit record to get machine by loan. Well, that was my painful lesion, if you work too long in
volunteering. On the other hand, I've got much more experiences about the life and the real, cruel world out there, when you move from Christchurch Avenue in NW6, leave London, and cross the British border for the south east.

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