Friday, 21 March 2008

Good Friday and my Easter SEO

my Easter SEO

Instead of resting and celebrating Easter, this year I'm deeply into SEO and Internet marketing to learn enough to do that for living (or at least as a pert time job). I could call this study 'my Easter SEO'.
I still haven't got new Apple Mac Pro with big glossy screen, but I believe, I am getting closer.

Internet marketing, link building, social bookmarking, quality content creation, analyzing web sites, SERP tracking, key words, tagged photos, tagged video, Web 2.0 web sites, social networking and more.

The topic of SEO and Internet marketing is wide enough to occupy me totally and the feeling of being lost is quite present everywhere around me.
And when I am getting feeling of being totally lost in huge amount of new data, facts and practical cases about what google loves and what google hates, a little SEO breakthroughs are started to show off in front of me.

One could read hundreds of pages of theory about SEO, Internet marketing, sound practices and guidelines of this profession, but still all that means almost nothing, if one does not try a real life out there. A real SEO cases on your own web or your buddy's web site. Try this, try that, day by day.
Whatever I was/am doing, I am getting rewarded or punished by google. If I am rewarded I climb the google ranking, if punished I am losing positions in google and I am falling down.

It is Good Friday, today, so I better stop with my chit-chat and make ready for Easter Bank Holiday.

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