Monday, 3 March 2008

Ed's demands about Apple Mac configuration are up, again

I am slowly starting to understand that constant demands, which Ed Dale has been posting in his blogs. First, he started with Apple Mac, later he changed his suggestion to Apple MacBook Pro, and when I've committed myself to Apple MacBook Pro, he upgraded his suggestion to Apple Mac Pro, again.
Apple Mac Pro has 2 Intel Xenon Quad processors! That means, 8 processing units in one box! Well, that's a monster and Ed is a right expert to use it properly. But, I am going to stick with Apple MacBook Pro 17" simply because it is very portable.
I am learning about Internet marketing these days...and there are some nice resources about link building out there... here is one more of the same author GiorgosK, from one wonderful island in Greece (the island is called Chios)
If you want to learn more about web hosting companies and their tricks you should not skip one of his articles about that topic: highly readable!

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