Saturday, 22 March 2008

Easter snow, rain and very strong wind

Saturday was in the shape of Internet marketing, social bookmarking, unique content creation, SEO, key phrases. Oh, how I miss a stronger computer, such as Apple Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook Pro or even MacBook Air! I am wasting hours by much slower machine, but still I am quite happy, because it works...and I am learning, learning. I need to admit, that I especially like very many different tips and tricks of how to climb google rankings?

It was truly interesting weather, today. Blue bright sky one moment, next moment very strong cold wind and snow, next moment rain, and bright sky, many times in one day I saw, how this 'Easter snow and weather dancing story' had been repeated.

I did about 3 walks today, about 18.000 steps outdoor. I simply love to walk and I walk quite fast. There is nothing better than fast walk on fresh air outdoor, after long sitting in front of the computer screen.

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