Monday, 24 March 2008

SEO experts suggest older domains for new/fresh projects

I continue to read a lot about SEO and Internet marketing these days.
Gurus of that topic suggest older web domains for any new Internet project, which needs to be optimized for Google search rankings. What they mean by 'older'? Web domains, which are older than 2 years.
As they say, Google loves older sites, because it trusts them much more than to younger ones.

Gurus of Internet marketing topic, such as Ed Dale and Dan Raine (Thirty Day Challenge)suggested Apple Mac Pro with Leopard operating system. They especially love it for iChat, which allows them to freely communicate with many friends at the same time all over the planet in the form of live video.

(I sincerely hope I am going to get my new apple mac pro, soon)

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Easter snow, rain and very strong wind

Saturday was in the shape of Internet marketing, social bookmarking, unique content creation, SEO, key phrases. Oh, how I miss a stronger computer, such as Apple Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook Pro or even MacBook Air! I am wasting hours by much slower machine, but still I am quite happy, because it works...and I am learning, learning. I need to admit, that I especially like very many different tips and tricks of how to climb google rankings?

It was truly interesting weather, today. Blue bright sky one moment, next moment very strong cold wind and snow, next moment rain, and bright sky, many times in one day I saw, how this 'Easter snow and weather dancing story' had been repeated.

I did about 3 walks today, about 18.000 steps outdoor. I simply love to walk and I walk quite fast. There is nothing better than fast walk on fresh air outdoor, after long sitting in front of the computer screen.

Friday, 21 March 2008

Good Friday and my Easter SEO

my Easter SEO

Instead of resting and celebrating Easter, this year I'm deeply into SEO and Internet marketing to learn enough to do that for living (or at least as a pert time job). I could call this study 'my Easter SEO'.
I still haven't got new Apple Mac Pro with big glossy screen, but I believe, I am getting closer.

Internet marketing, link building, social bookmarking, quality content creation, analyzing web sites, SERP tracking, key words, tagged photos, tagged video, Web 2.0 web sites, social networking and more.

The topic of SEO and Internet marketing is wide enough to occupy me totally and the feeling of being lost is quite present everywhere around me.
And when I am getting feeling of being totally lost in huge amount of new data, facts and practical cases about what google loves and what google hates, a little SEO breakthroughs are started to show off in front of me.

One could read hundreds of pages of theory about SEO, Internet marketing, sound practices and guidelines of this profession, but still all that means almost nothing, if one does not try a real life out there. A real SEO cases on your own web or your buddy's web site. Try this, try that, day by day.
Whatever I was/am doing, I am getting rewarded or punished by google. If I am rewarded I climb the google ranking, if punished I am losing positions in google and I am falling down.

It is Good Friday, today, so I better stop with my chit-chat and make ready for Easter Bank Holiday.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Security alert caused by Apple MacBook Air

The suspiciously thin, Apple MacBook Air laptop triggered security agents (TSA) into highly alert state, until they hadn't successfully tested suspicious device, which worked perfectly well and very fast, even without hard disk drive. X-ray photo of MacBook Air looked like something totally new to the otherwise, technically well trained agents.
Agents put the owner of that Mac Air(he was a programmer Michael Nygard) in a holding cubicle to examine the matter more thoroughly. It took them so much time, that the poor guy missed the plane.

1. New Apple MacBook Air has got the best possible worldwide media exposure for absolutely free of charge
2. The Poor guy, who missed his plane, Michael Nygard got a really fantastic traffic to his blog and became 'Mac Celebrity', overnight

Monday, 17 March 2008

Apple MacBook Pro.... What a Beauty!

Apple really took enough time and designed it well...the second series is simply superb...the same as prices ):

Ladies and gentleman: Apple MacBook Pro

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Ma.gnolia as a flower tree and a Web 2.0 social bookmarking entity

Here, you can see a beautiful magnolia tree in its best appearance.

Ma.gnolia is also a Web 2.0 bookmarking entity. I wanted to describe it more precise, but I found out, that the guys at Ma.gnolia have really nice story about their site. Here is just a part of that story and Ma.gnolia link, so you could check it by yourself:

'What is Ma.gnolia? To understand Ma.gnolia completely, let us tell you a story. It's a story we like to call "And on the First Day, There was a Search."

Really, on the first day there was just one web page. Then there were two, and a link was made between them. Before long, there were lots of web pages, with many many links between them, and suddenly we needed specialized web sites to help us find other web sites. And the term 'search engine' became part of our new web vocabulary.'

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Saturday was quiet, cloudy and warm

There was nothing really new, today. Reading about building back links, RSS feeds, submitting web sites to web directories, watching videos about Internet marketing.
Thirty Day Challenge is truly a huge library of very practical and useful materials about Internet marketing, social bookmarking and generally about Web 2.0 technologies. Ed and Dan did a wonderful job and, of course, they widely promoted Apple Mac and Leopard operating system as far superior towards classic PC

Friday, 14 March 2008

Gold Price helps me in buying Apple Mac Pro

There is an old saying:'After the storm comes the calm.'

The price of gold rocketed and broke through the psychological barrier of $1000 an ounce, for the first time.
This is a very good news for gold owners, shareholders of gold mining companies and me. Why me, I could say, that I'm almost broke and that I'm quite struggling financially on my road to my desire: Apple Mac Pro computer with big glossy screen?

The answer is hidden in the rate of an American dollar. The dollar has plummeted against all main currencies. That means, that my Apple Mac is going to cost me less, than usually, because maybe, I should plan to buy it in USA. I know, that British retailers are never going to lower the prices of Macs, despite considerable change in exchange rates for American dollar.

There is another commodity, which price reached a record of $111 per barrel: crude oil, despite rising inventories.

I believe, that's more than enough high numbers to digest for today.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

These ugly, boring signs

Most estate agents in Kilburn and around Christchurch Avenue use very similar signs for announcing their services. I simply don't like them. They are so boring and very annoying to me. Whenever I see them, I think about how much they pollute our environment. Our free space in Kilburn is quite limited, because this is residential London and not suburbs or wide countryside, but such non-creative property signs are making all appearance even worse and more space limited. I am really looking forward the day, when the government is going to realize their disgusting effect to our living space and cut them off by night, with no mercy at all.

This is certainly the best fruit stall in Kilburn and the man is a really great guy, who is there at all times.

Maybe, these signs look a bit better and a bit more creative than previous ones. This comparation reminds me relationship between Apple Mac computers and classic PCs. Creativity versus Boredom.

i am sorry, for bad picture formatting in blogger. i'm sure i'm going to do it much better with apple macbook pro

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Hillary Clinton and Barac Obama are both on Twitter as me!

Twitter is only one, out of many, very interesting entities from the extensive Web 2.0 family. Ed Dale uses Twitter every day on his Apple AirBook or Apple Mac Pro.
Even, such top celebrities as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are using Twitter every day to report about their election campaign for the next American president. Very impressive! I know, that they are very busy and that maybe, some members of their staff are refreshing Twitter messages for them, but it works very well, and I can read, where they are and what they are doing, each particular day.
There is one wonderful video presentation about Twitter, everyone, who is not so familiar with, should have seen. The link was posted by Ed, today.

What do you think which computer do Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama use? Apple Mac or PC?

i touched a real apple iMac, once more, today

i would like to have solar power shingles on my roof and to produce all power for my needs by renewable energy source, such as solar power

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Adam Jones shed 6 stones of his body weight!

He is from Wales and only 20 years old, but his motivation and determination was strong enough to bring him to his desired job in the army. He was laughed out of the Army Careers Office, but he insisted. He successfully managed to get fit enough in a very short time and to lose loads of surplus body fat all over his body. My congratulations, Adam! (I read the article about Adam Jones in Men's Health Magazine April 2008)
I don't have many problems with being overweight, right now, but I am equally determined enough, to get up my career ladder and to get one shinning Apple Mac Pro with at least 17" glossy screen, only for me.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Most people hate Mondays!

Most people hate Mondays, but I truly like it. It is the very beginning of every new week. A week which should be as promising as it could be every new week. I expect that something promising and nice is going to happen this week in March, considering my unrealized dream about Apple Mac Pro computer in any form, really. I just want to have it and to work with...every single day from that moment on. After that Ed's video about iChat, I am truly poisoned by Leopard, rather said: successfully seduced by that awfully, incredible new Apple operating system.
I am 'catching' myself spending more and more hours reading and studying about Internet marketing, SEO, webmastering and similar stuff. I am sure, that I've spent much more than 300 hours about this topic, already. Maybe, I should spend another 300 by practical testing different techniques in real life - on the web and just find new profession, which is going to pay me more to buy my new Apple MacBook or so, much faster. If I could only have a suitable credit record to get machine by loan. Well, that was my painful lesion, if you work too long in
volunteering. On the other hand, I've got much more experiences about the life and the real, cruel world out there, when you move from Christchurch Avenue in NW6, leave London, and cross the British border for the south east.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Shame on you, Adam!

I admit, that was really quite bad. I should write to my blog more regularly to keep contact with writing, posting, practical learning of computer tricks. But, there is a but. I simply needed to sort my teeth problems, first. Now, that's finally over and I could file it as successfully resolved painful problem. My dentist deserves all possible praise for wonderful dental work!
On the other hand, paying for dentist is going to prolong the time I am going to be solvent enough to buy Apple Mac Pro for me.
And again, Ed Dale post a video to his blog about a video conference call through Apple iChat and mobile modem in real time from his car!!! Every one, who is not familiar with Apple technical superiority should have seen this post...

Monday, 3 March 2008

Ed's demands about Apple Mac configuration are up, again

I am slowly starting to understand that constant demands, which Ed Dale has been posting in his blogs. First, he started with Apple Mac, later he changed his suggestion to Apple MacBook Pro, and when I've committed myself to Apple MacBook Pro, he upgraded his suggestion to Apple Mac Pro, again.
Apple Mac Pro has 2 Intel Xenon Quad processors! That means, 8 processing units in one box! Well, that's a monster and Ed is a right expert to use it properly. But, I am going to stick with Apple MacBook Pro 17" simply because it is very portable.
I am learning about Internet marketing these days...and there are some nice resources about link building out there... here is one more of the same author GiorgosK, from one wonderful island in Greece (the island is called Chios)
If you want to learn more about web hosting companies and their tricks you should not skip one of his articles about that topic: highly readable!

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