Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Total rip-off - Never buy additional RAM for MacBook in Apple store

I simply cannot understand the total rip off, considering buying additional RAM for Apple MacBook Pro or other Apple Mac computers. What does the company think about? Does Apple management think that their customers are a bunch of fools, who are willing to pay just any price for their additional RAM? The price of Apple MacBook Pro memory upgrade is much more than twice as high as is their real/fair market price for the same specification of RAM chips?
It makes me feel quite sick, because Apple management very clearly denies basic common sense of each individual customer and her/his ability to count and to calculate.
Why do they allow such a rip-off of their the most loyal clients, who by their purchases have allowed them to survive and to prosper in fierce market fight/battle with Intel/Microsoft PCs? Apple management's failure is simply far too transparent and far too loudly screaming, not to notice at once, when one reads their product offer.

Despite such behavior of Apple Mac management team, who had totally missed the point in RAM case, I am still dreaming about my new Apple MacBook Pro with 17" glossy screen.
I believe, there are engineers within the company, who are responsible for such a wonderful product in the form of hardware, Leopard OS and other software. Big thanks to them!

I am still marching on my 'road' to Apple MacBook Pro, 'standing straight', now even more convinced, I am going to get one for me, before August this year.

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