Sunday, 10 February 2008

Sunny Sunday, when my 'Apple MacBook dream' is finally admitted and written

It is quite plain. I simply don't have enough money to buy a new computer, especially Apple MacBook with bigger screen, which is my great dream for quite a loooong time.
Just guess, what happened last week?
I've got a perfect chance to get an apprenticeship in Manchester or in Melbourne, Australia with some of the best guys in the Internet marketing (IM) department in the entire world (Thirty Day Challenge 2008), but I lost a chance, because I didn't have an Apple computer to communicate with them. It was also clearly written in their conditions:

'There will be a lot of admin type work and you will need to know your way around a Mac (notice that I said Mac) if your applying for the position and want to work remotely - a mac with leopard is a must - we live on iChat!'

I lost a chance to obtain 'the knowledge' to become a truly financially independent man. I need to admit, that I still feel very sad and 'put down', even though some days had already passed by.
I can just 'pray', there will be another chance for me in near future, again and that I am going to be better off, next time, to be a proud owner of a piece of shinning technological miracle, called Apple MacBook or anything similar. Laptop is much more mobile than desktop and if they call me to move to Manchester or to Melbourne, I could go next hour, really. (Just to grab a few pants, socks, T-shirts, trousers and a LAPTOP and I am already rushing for a bus/train, etc...)

Ups, I almost forgot to mention names of those Internet marketing experts: Ed Dale and Dan Raine and their team, whose moto is: 'All Flocked Up Flock The New Web 20 Browser'

Ups, ups, I also like to make some promotion for: green movements, stop extensive pollution, planting new trees, renewable energy, wind, geothermal, solar power with solar panels, solar shingles and heat collectors. I have a few friends, who are quite active on the topic of different environmental issues, and I am going to support them in their positive efforts of saving our precious environment. My apple macbook dream was also additionally spiced up by issues of global warming and climate changes. I want to use Apple Leopard operating system to be as creative as possible and to achieve as high working results as possible at given power consumption. We simply need to rescue our animal species, birds, fish, London Honey Bee, oceans, fresh air, wide, wild forests and fantastic holidays resorts and coral reefs as is this exotic dream: Mauritius island, to name just one out of very many.

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