Friday, 29 February 2008

My wonderful dentist, big library and apple macbook pro

The last time I went to my dentist in Turnpike Lane, north London, was about 2 years ago. I was lucky, that his business is still there, fully operational. Yeah, I know, it was my mistake that I wasn't there for a regular check-up, every half a year, but my life was quite a hectic one and the dentist was the last topic I was thinking about, until a fresh unbearable pain has arrived. I've got terribly good experiences with my dentist since 2006, and he is still the same - a terrific guy. I simply can't believe that he is always so ultra polite, smiling/laughing and positive. It is quite an experience being there, even though tooth pain was very strong. But, I've noticed, that the pain itself and my fear about dental procedures are of a considerably lower intensity, if the dentist has such a positive and warm attitude towards me.
He was busy, and I've got one of his college dentists. And she was so very nice, too. She laughed at me, when she saw me entering her working surgery, because she'd already met me half an hour before, in waiting room, while I'd misunderstood calling names of patients. When I finished there, I checked the reception desk, if there was any Apple Mac, there? Nop! No Apple Mac computers at my dentist.

Later on, I went along the high street towards Wood Green. Very busy and alive high street. Fishmonger stall full of different fish and other seafood, veg&fruit stalls straight on the pavement, with prices quite lower than at Christchurch Avenue's and Kilburn proximity. I went to the library to check up, if they have any Apple Mac computer for a public use, there. There were 60 PC available for public (free) use and absolutely NO Apple Mac.

That's an incredible fact, isn't it? Not even one Apple Mac in a quite big public library!
Why on earth, is there no Apple Macs with Leopard OS? Maybe, just to spice the rest PC offer up, a bit? To create a rarity, perhaps?

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