Saturday, 23 February 2008

I kicked those days off - time for a reality check

I need to admit. I felt very clearly, yesterday, that the time for my own 'reality check' has arrived. I went to the computer shop, again to play with new PCs (Intel Quad family or Laptops powered by processors of Intel 'Santa Rosa' family), but, especially with Apple computers. There were MacBooks and MacBooks Pro, Mac PowerBooks, (there were no scary big boxes of Mac Pros desktops, though) and finally iMacs, which have been impressed me so very strong. You should see that amazing glossy screen. Yes, that the bigger one with 24"!!! That's enough space to see all details in true bright colours, even, if your sight is not too well, and you are almost 'half blind' as me, sometimes. But, in front of that amazing shinning screen I truly felt like being reborn. There were very many other computers in that store and I was constantly asking myself why appearance of other screens of respected companies on PC configurations were not looked even close to that on Apple iMac? They sell so many more PCs, zillions and zillions of more, but they are not producing so nice screens? Why?
And the should have seen those incredible software. It is so very well integrated, it is so very well designed and presented, it is so very smooth, fast and it really has something so very special, if you are not used to it. Maybe, I should call that an X-factor! Yeah, why not, the X-factor.
I am sure that owners of Apple computers are maybe not so very passionate about their 'computer pets' under their finger tips, but I believe, that should have been only because they simply have got used to them. We are people and we get used to things, aren't we?

Here is the result of my reality check:
I am going to quit counting days to my new, 'fresh and crispy' Apple Mac computer by summarizing passed days. (It felt far too morbid) From now on, I am going to countdown from today till the August, 1St, when Thirty Day Challenge 2008 starts.

Every day, I learn so much new stuff, new useful knowledge, not some boring political theories. I am going to be quite ready for that 'boot camp' under Ed Dale & Dan Raine leadership. And I want to have an Apple Mac XYZ with big and glossy screen by that day.
So, finally, my deadline for getting an Apple MacBook Pro with 17" screen is August, the 1St.
(I am gonna find a widget to countdown for me)

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