Sunday, 24 February 2008

Holly cow, I almost fainted

I almost fainted! I still can't believe it...
Look at my blog! Can you really believe, what you see in the upper left corner of the screen? Even, if you have only 12" sized, old screen and bad sight as me, you could see the green badge-widget, there, which says:

My blog is worth $564.54.
How much is your blog worth?

I still cannot comprehend the fact, that my blog has a real value in crispy green American dollars! (I can easily smell them, really)

Well, I am in London, England and I really haven't appreciated American currency for some time, because of its low value on world markets, but hey, if some tech expert say to me that my blog, which is only a few days old has a value of more than $500...well, that's an amazing fact! And, yes, I could fly to USA, if I would have enough in my black wallet, which is on the sharpest diet, for some time. I truly need to care about every penny, and I haven't been in a pub/bar or to the party for a looong time. Than goodness, that I still have my old clothes and shoes, my mother bought. And prices of Aplle Mac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, PowerBook, iMac and all of the rest are much lower, there.
And there is another catch I've noticed here in England. Shops here are selling much weaker hardware configurations for much higher prices, than in USA! Well, such behavior I call a 'rip off'! Be aware of it on every step, here. Just start to observe adverts in daily press and in specialized catalogues. Especially check the size of implanted RAM, graphic card and a hard disk.

The only thing I need to learn now is how to continue to improve this blog and how to increase the price of it.
Any suggestion out there, my mates?

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