Sunday, 17 February 2008

Day 9, I watched some awsome videos about Apple Mac Book, today

It was wonderful, sunny day at Christchurch Avenue, today. No cold wind as yesterday. But, I am still fully under impression of some awsome videos on YouTube about Apple MacBook. By watching them, I am even more convinced that I want one Apple MacBook for me!!! (I'm still very fresh with my blogging, but I'll try to make it visible to you, too)

Mac OS Leopard - QuickLook

Mac OS X Leopard Trailer

Now, honestly, what do you think about Apple MacBook?

My street is called Christchurch Avenue and I quite like it. It really doesn't have any pub, bar, restaurant or a shop, but I like it. It is a kind of residential with Kilburn tube station at one end and primary school with extensive grass playground at the other.

I'm really sorry, but I don't know to present photos better, yet...more photos about Christchurch Avenue and Kilburn you can see on my Flickr


Curt Sutorius said...

hi Adam, how are you doing?
i hope you are learning well about blogging! maybe, it is time to learn more about google 'add sense' and try to put some web 2.0 buttons to your posts for better 'promotion and visibility' on web, as well. just explore this vast subject...
help yourself with google and you'll find so much about that. don't be shy, try and learn, you'll know more, every day, i'm sure

Christchurch Ave Kilburn said...

Thanks, Curt! You are my angel! I am going to try my best, thanks again!

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