Saturday, 16 February 2008

Day 7 I went to the shop to touch a real MacBook

Have you ever used a real MacBook or other Apple Mac computer? It was an amazing experience for me. I went to the PC World computer shop in Cricklewood just to check, if they are selling Apple computers, too. They were there! They have a special place reserved just for Apple products, very white, very Apple. I went straight to the first one and touched it. Of course, it was an incredible difference between that ultra smooth and ultra fast behavior of MacBook under my finger tips, comparable with my old Packard Bell PC with Intel Celeron and 192 MB RAM.
Even mouse is very different. I rather don't describe difference in the quality of the screens on Apples, there and that big Apple TV!
My trip to try Apple MacBook in real was truly total pleasure and excitement! 'Playing' with Apple MacBook and other Apple computers made me to understand why Ed Dale and Dan Raine don't want even to hear about us on PCs. As they'd described, we are far too complicated and to slow to communicate with, while on PCs. PC and Windows simply don't integrate different forms of information in real time, without a hassle.

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