Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Day 3, I've started counting days to my Apple MacBook

I've decided to motivate myself a bit more and to count days which are going to pass, until I've got my Apple MacBook safely to Christchurch Avenue. This is day three (3) of my journey to the 'Apple Mac land', to my Apple MacBook.

Have you ever seen Apple MacBook in real? Have you ever touched one? Have you ever imagined having one real MacBook under your fingertips or having one very close to your bed/room?
Well, that's my dream...
Do not hesitate, please, to encourage me on my way to 'Apple Mac land' with your respected suggestions of how to get one Apple MacBook a bit faster...please. I am quite limited, I am sure that with your suggestions I am going to reach one just for me, much faster.


Curt Sutorius said...

Hi Adam, I suggest introduction of 'PayPal donation button', so a person who likes your blog and thinks you deserve a bit of money attention could contribute to your Macbook.
Good luck!

This blog is 'my road' to get a real Apple MacBook to my home said...

thanks Curt! that's something interesting and new for me
Iam rushing to learn about that,

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