Monday, 18 February 2008

Day 10: Learning about google and Web 2.0, I still dream a MacBook

My 'angel', Curt wrote a comment to yesterday's blog:
'hi Adam, how are you doing? i hope you are learning well about blogging! maybe, it is time to learn more about google ... and try to put some web 2.0 buttons to your posts for better 'promotion and visibility' on web, as well. just explore this vast subject...'

And I'm trying but, not alone. I asked a mate for a bit of help to put all in place.
Anyway, Curt, thank you very much, indeed!

That beautiful, old fashioned church building. Is this the base/cause of the name of my street? Well, I don't know. The street is about 1500 steps long, what is just enough for a moderate walk.

More I watch videos about Apple Mac on YouTube, more I'm becoming a real fun of this artistic computer, even though I still haven't one.

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