Friday, 29 February 2008

My wonderful dentist, big library and apple macbook pro

The last time I went to my dentist in Turnpike Lane, north London, was about 2 years ago. I was lucky, that his business is still there, fully operational. Yeah, I know, it was my mistake that I wasn't there for a regular check-up, every half a year, but my life was quite a hectic one and the dentist was the last topic I was thinking about, until a fresh unbearable pain has arrived. I've got terribly good experiences with my dentist since 2006, and he is still the same - a terrific guy. I simply can't believe that he is always so ultra polite, smiling/laughing and positive. It is quite an experience being there, even though tooth pain was very strong. But, I've noticed, that the pain itself and my fear about dental procedures are of a considerably lower intensity, if the dentist has such a positive and warm attitude towards me.
He was busy, and I've got one of his college dentists. And she was so very nice, too. She laughed at me, when she saw me entering her working surgery, because she'd already met me half an hour before, in waiting room, while I'd misunderstood calling names of patients. When I finished there, I checked the reception desk, if there was any Apple Mac, there? Nop! No Apple Mac computers at my dentist.

Later on, I went along the high street towards Wood Green. Very busy and alive high street. Fishmonger stall full of different fish and other seafood, veg&fruit stalls straight on the pavement, with prices quite lower than at Christchurch Avenue's and Kilburn proximity. I went to the library to check up, if they have any Apple Mac computer for a public use, there. There were 60 PC available for public (free) use and absolutely NO Apple Mac.

That's an incredible fact, isn't it? Not even one Apple Mac in a quite big public library!
Why on earth, is there no Apple Macs with Leopard OS? Maybe, just to spice the rest PC offer up, a bit? To create a rarity, perhaps?

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Hot and fresh new Apple Mac s

Hot and fresh news from Apple:

new and improved Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro notebooks powered by the latest Intel Core 2 Duo
Penryn processors, larger hard drives, and greater memory...
Apple MacBook Pro (there are three models) feature: latest Intel Core 2 Duo Penryn technology with up to a 2.6 GHz processor with 6MB of shared L2 cache, up to 4GB of memory, up to 300GB hard drive, Nvidia GeForce 8600M GT graphics with up to 512MB of video memory.
Apple MacBook Pro also includes: a trackpad with multi-touch gesture for pinch, rotate, and swipe, an illuminated keyboard and built-in ambient light sensor.

Apple MacBook (there are three models) feature: a 13-inches glossy wide-screen display, faster processors, larger hard drives (from 120GB up to 250GB), and greater memory (2GB standard memory, expandable up to 4GB).

Every new Apple MacBook & MacBook Pro includes a built-in iSight video camera, Apple's MagSafe Power Adapter, latest generation 802.11m wireless networking, built-in 10/100/1000 BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth, analog and digital audio inputs and outputs, USB 2.0, FireWire, built-in SuperDrive.

All Apple computers also come with additional and updated software, based on Leopard operating system.

Pure technicality, but what does all those terms and number mean in real life:
- faster computers
- greater hardware and software capabilities
- even easier multimedia work
- much easier communication and presentation

New Apple Mac computers work even better and more smooth as before.

My comment: My dream about my own Apple MacBook Pro is even stronger!

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Total rip-off - Never buy additional RAM for MacBook in Apple store

I simply cannot understand the total rip off, considering buying additional RAM for Apple MacBook Pro or other Apple Mac computers. What does the company think about? Does Apple management think that their customers are a bunch of fools, who are willing to pay just any price for their additional RAM? The price of Apple MacBook Pro memory upgrade is much more than twice as high as is their real/fair market price for the same specification of RAM chips?
It makes me feel quite sick, because Apple management very clearly denies basic common sense of each individual customer and her/his ability to count and to calculate.
Why do they allow such a rip-off of their the most loyal clients, who by their purchases have allowed them to survive and to prosper in fierce market fight/battle with Intel/Microsoft PCs? Apple management's failure is simply far too transparent and far too loudly screaming, not to notice at once, when one reads their product offer.

Despite such behavior of Apple Mac management team, who had totally missed the point in RAM case, I am still dreaming about my new Apple MacBook Pro with 17" glossy screen.
I believe, there are engineers within the company, who are responsible for such a wonderful product in the form of hardware, Leopard OS and other software. Big thanks to them!

I am still marching on my 'road' to Apple MacBook Pro, 'standing straight', now even more convinced, I am going to get one for me, before August this year.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Holly cow, I almost fainted

I almost fainted! I still can't believe it...
Look at my blog! Can you really believe, what you see in the upper left corner of the screen? Even, if you have only 12" sized, old screen and bad sight as me, you could see the green badge-widget, there, which says:

My blog is worth $564.54.
How much is your blog worth?

I still cannot comprehend the fact, that my blog has a real value in crispy green American dollars! (I can easily smell them, really)

Well, I am in London, England and I really haven't appreciated American currency for some time, because of its low value on world markets, but hey, if some tech expert say to me that my blog, which is only a few days old has a value of more than $500...well, that's an amazing fact! And, yes, I could fly to USA, if I would have enough in my black wallet, which is on the sharpest diet, for some time. I truly need to care about every penny, and I haven't been in a pub/bar or to the party for a looong time. Than goodness, that I still have my old clothes and shoes, my mother bought. And prices of Aplle Mac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, PowerBook, iMac and all of the rest are much lower, there.
And there is another catch I've noticed here in England. Shops here are selling much weaker hardware configurations for much higher prices, than in USA! Well, such behavior I call a 'rip off'! Be aware of it on every step, here. Just start to observe adverts in daily press and in specialized catalogues. Especially check the size of implanted RAM, graphic card and a hard disk.

The only thing I need to learn now is how to continue to improve this blog and how to increase the price of it.
Any suggestion out there, my mates?

Saturday, 23 February 2008

I kicked those days off - time for a reality check

I need to admit. I felt very clearly, yesterday, that the time for my own 'reality check' has arrived. I went to the computer shop, again to play with new PCs (Intel Quad family or Laptops powered by processors of Intel 'Santa Rosa' family), but, especially with Apple computers. There were MacBooks and MacBooks Pro, Mac PowerBooks, (there were no scary big boxes of Mac Pros desktops, though) and finally iMacs, which have been impressed me so very strong. You should see that amazing glossy screen. Yes, that the bigger one with 24"!!! That's enough space to see all details in true bright colours, even, if your sight is not too well, and you are almost 'half blind' as me, sometimes. But, in front of that amazing shinning screen I truly felt like being reborn. There were very many other computers in that store and I was constantly asking myself why appearance of other screens of respected companies on PC configurations were not looked even close to that on Apple iMac? They sell so many more PCs, zillions and zillions of more, but they are not producing so nice screens? Why?
And the should have seen those incredible software. It is so very well integrated, it is so very well designed and presented, it is so very smooth, fast and it really has something so very special, if you are not used to it. Maybe, I should call that an X-factor! Yeah, why not, the X-factor.
I am sure that owners of Apple computers are maybe not so very passionate about their 'computer pets' under their finger tips, but I believe, that should have been only because they simply have got used to them. We are people and we get used to things, aren't we?

Here is the result of my reality check:
I am going to quit counting days to my new, 'fresh and crispy' Apple Mac computer by summarizing passed days. (It felt far too morbid) From now on, I am going to countdown from today till the August, 1St, when Thirty Day Challenge 2008 starts.

Every day, I learn so much new stuff, new useful knowledge, not some boring political theories. I am going to be quite ready for that 'boot camp' under Ed Dale & Dan Raine leadership. And I want to have an Apple Mac XYZ with big and glossy screen by that day.
So, finally, my deadline for getting an Apple MacBook Pro with 17" screen is August, the 1St.
(I am gonna find a widget to countdown for me)

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Day 12:Ed Dale says: Apple Mac Pro, MacBook Pro or iMac is the right machine

Ed Dale made me to dream about Apple MacBook!
But in one of his last posts he corrected himself and suggested following:

It does mean I need to change the types of Mac’s I recommend you buy - You need to go for a Mac Pro, a Mac Book Pro or an iMac.


These machines have independent graphics cards - and to make screenflow do it’s magic you need one of those machines.
If fact - Just to show you how cool all this is - I’m going to screen cast me writing this mail out - This would have never been possible before and now I can truly show you what I do as I work along.'

Well, now my big dream of having one is upgraded a bit to MacBook Pro

Ed Dale loves guitars of any sort!

Monday, 18 February 2008

Day 10: Learning about google and Web 2.0, I still dream a MacBook

My 'angel', Curt wrote a comment to yesterday's blog:
'hi Adam, how are you doing? i hope you are learning well about blogging! maybe, it is time to learn more about google ... and try to put some web 2.0 buttons to your posts for better 'promotion and visibility' on web, as well. just explore this vast subject...'

And I'm trying but, not alone. I asked a mate for a bit of help to put all in place.
Anyway, Curt, thank you very much, indeed!

That beautiful, old fashioned church building. Is this the base/cause of the name of my street? Well, I don't know. The street is about 1500 steps long, what is just enough for a moderate walk.

More I watch videos about Apple Mac on YouTube, more I'm becoming a real fun of this artistic computer, even though I still haven't one.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Day 9, I watched some awsome videos about Apple Mac Book, today

It was wonderful, sunny day at Christchurch Avenue, today. No cold wind as yesterday. But, I am still fully under impression of some awsome videos on YouTube about Apple MacBook. By watching them, I am even more convinced that I want one Apple MacBook for me!!! (I'm still very fresh with my blogging, but I'll try to make it visible to you, too)

Mac OS Leopard - QuickLook

Mac OS X Leopard Trailer

Now, honestly, what do you think about Apple MacBook?

My street is called Christchurch Avenue and I quite like it. It really doesn't have any pub, bar, restaurant or a shop, but I like it. It is a kind of residential with Kilburn tube station at one end and primary school with extensive grass playground at the other.

I'm really sorry, but I don't know to present photos better, yet...more photos about Christchurch Avenue and Kilburn you can see on my Flickr

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Day 7 I went to the shop to touch a real MacBook

Have you ever used a real MacBook or other Apple Mac computer? It was an amazing experience for me. I went to the PC World computer shop in Cricklewood just to check, if they are selling Apple computers, too. They were there! They have a special place reserved just for Apple products, very white, very Apple. I went straight to the first one and touched it. Of course, it was an incredible difference between that ultra smooth and ultra fast behavior of MacBook under my finger tips, comparable with my old Packard Bell PC with Intel Celeron and 192 MB RAM.
Even mouse is very different. I rather don't describe difference in the quality of the screens on Apples, there and that big Apple TV!
My trip to try Apple MacBook in real was truly total pleasure and excitement! 'Playing' with Apple MacBook and other Apple computers made me to understand why Ed Dale and Dan Raine don't want even to hear about us on PCs. As they'd described, we are far too complicated and to slow to communicate with, while on PCs. PC and Windows simply don't integrate different forms of information in real time, without a hassle.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Day 5 Curt's idea about PayPal donation button

On my way to Apple MacBook or any Apple computer from 'Apple Land', really, or should I rather write 'AppleLand', I was so nicely surprised by very positive responses by 'my readers'. Wow, that sounds quite pretentious, doesn't it? Truly, I haven't been expected so warm welcome. Thanks Provocative for your active support (she is cute 21y old girl from San Francisco, CA)! Thanks for private mails! Thanks, Curt for your great suggestion about PayPal donation button! I am really not an expert in this field, but I am going to learn about it and to stick it to this blog. Hopefully, it will work.

'Nothing will stop me on my way to Apple Mac Book!' (I am repeating this many times, daily)

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Day 3, I've started counting days to my Apple MacBook

I've decided to motivate myself a bit more and to count days which are going to pass, until I've got my Apple MacBook safely to Christchurch Avenue. This is day three (3) of my journey to the 'Apple Mac land', to my Apple MacBook.

Have you ever seen Apple MacBook in real? Have you ever touched one? Have you ever imagined having one real MacBook under your fingertips or having one very close to your bed/room?
Well, that's my dream...
Do not hesitate, please, to encourage me on my way to 'Apple Mac land' with your respected suggestions of how to get one Apple MacBook a bit faster...please. I am quite limited, I am sure that with your suggestions I am going to reach one just for me, much faster.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Sunny Sunday, when my 'Apple MacBook dream' is finally admitted and written

It is quite plain. I simply don't have enough money to buy a new computer, especially Apple MacBook with bigger screen, which is my great dream for quite a loooong time.
Just guess, what happened last week?
I've got a perfect chance to get an apprenticeship in Manchester or in Melbourne, Australia with some of the best guys in the Internet marketing (IM) department in the entire world (Thirty Day Challenge 2008), but I lost a chance, because I didn't have an Apple computer to communicate with them. It was also clearly written in their conditions:

'There will be a lot of admin type work and you will need to know your way around a Mac (notice that I said Mac) if your applying for the position and want to work remotely - a mac with leopard is a must - we live on iChat!'

I lost a chance to obtain 'the knowledge' to become a truly financially independent man. I need to admit, that I still feel very sad and 'put down', even though some days had already passed by.
I can just 'pray', there will be another chance for me in near future, again and that I am going to be better off, next time, to be a proud owner of a piece of shinning technological miracle, called Apple MacBook or anything similar. Laptop is much more mobile than desktop and if they call me to move to Manchester or to Melbourne, I could go next hour, really. (Just to grab a few pants, socks, T-shirts, trousers and a LAPTOP and I am already rushing for a bus/train, etc...)

Ups, I almost forgot to mention names of those Internet marketing experts: Ed Dale and Dan Raine and their team, whose moto is: 'All Flocked Up Flock The New Web 20 Browser'

Ups, ups, I also like to make some promotion for: green movements, stop extensive pollution, planting new trees, renewable energy, wind, geothermal, solar power with solar panels, solar shingles and heat collectors. I have a few friends, who are quite active on the topic of different environmental issues, and I am going to support them in their positive efforts of saving our precious environment. My apple macbook dream was also additionally spiced up by issues of global warming and climate changes. I want to use Apple Leopard operating system to be as creative as possible and to achieve as high working results as possible at given power consumption. We simply need to rescue our animal species, birds, fish, London Honey Bee, oceans, fresh air, wide, wild forests and fantastic holidays resorts and coral reefs as is this exotic dream: Mauritius island, to name just one out of very many.

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