Monday, 13 October 2008

Monday Morning Headache

I crawled out of bed reluctantly today. I was aware of my Monday morning headache before I even sat up. Now I'm here in the office just trying to keep my head up and get through the day. I hate Mondays. It is overcast and dreary at the moment, which doesn't help my mood. My head hurt too much for me to go for my morning run and I hit the snooze button one too many times.
I wonder how many other people suffer from the Monday morning headache or the Sunday evening stomachache. I remember reading once that Monday morning is the most common time to have a heart attack. The constant stress of our busy lives cannot be denied and the end of the weekend is something we all seem to dread.

On the bright side, I know this is simply a stress headache, and not a migraine or the start of new daily persistent headache. A couple of Aleve and it will ease up. Tomorrow I will wake up with out it.

In an attempt to distract myself from my Monday morning headache and cheer myself up a bit, I found this old Garfield episode.

Garfield's Monday Misery

Have you ever had a Monday morning headache? Stomachache maybe? A panic attack over the reality of another work week? I know that I am not alone in my dislike for Mondays!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Gotta Run

Some people in the 70s thought it was just a craze, but now you can see people everywhere out running. I live about 8 blocks from Central Park. Not only do I love to get my exercise in by running through the area (never after dark, of course), but it is a tremendous people-watching opportunity! As I am currently training for the New York City Marathon, I have gotten more diligent about my runs. Less than a month to go now, and I'm off to complete 26.2 miles! Um.... with about 100,000 other runners.

Adam is quite supportive of my goal, although I don't picture him out running - he is too busy on the computer. I've half joked with him that he should fly to New York and cheer me on. So far, he hasn't bitten. Maybe if I let him "borrow" my Apple Macbook during the run. HA!

So, I'm following a marathon training program recommended by Hal Higdon. Generally, I go out 3 times a week during the work week for 45-60 minutes (about 6-8 miles). On the weekends, I go for a long run - anywhere from 12-22 miles, depending on the week. My last long run before the marathon is next weekend. After that, I need to tail down before November 2! I have a friend on the West Coast that is running her first marathon this weekend. We're going to compare notes after her finish at the Portland Marathon.

As I cruise through Central Park, I imagine myself crossing the finish line of the marathon. My iPod is my constant companion, and I love to distract myself from the monotony of long miles by classifying the other road warriors that I pass. Here's my tally from yesterday:

Moms working off post-baby weight: 9
Men working out for a new girlfriend: 3
Anorexic/exercise bulimics: 4
Someone who just lost his job: 1
'Roid users: 2 (maybe 3)
True competitors: 6
Trying to stop smoking: 2

Of course, I classify myself as a "true competitor." We'll see what next month brings...

Monday, 29 September 2008

Gary Larson's The Far Side - Classic American Funnies

Eve here again... I have been communicating with Adam recently and the topic of American versus British humor (or is it humour?) came up. While I am a big fan of Monty Python, I generally find jokes from the U.K. to be pretty dry and even boring. So, I told Adam about my favorite cartoon here in the states: Gary Larson's The Far Side. While Mr. Larson is no longer publishing these hilarious drawings, The Far Side had a long, 14-year run in newspapers that featured his single-pane funnies. Like any good fan, I've done my research. Gary Larson grew up in Washington State and started publishing The Far Side in the early-1980s. Larson's scientific background can be seen in many of his cartoons which often poke fun at silly scientists, as well as animals (cows and chickens are a big favorite), married people, and stupidity in general. That may be why I love Gary Larson's work so much.... stupid people drive me nuts!

There are hundreds upon hundreds of Larson cartoons in publication, and you can also find books and other products (my favorite is a day-by-day calendar). I'm going to get The Far Side Gallery and send it over to Adam as a thank you gift for all the help he's giving me with my online promotion. I hope he gets a good laugh! Gary Larson's jokes definitely cross cultural lines ....

I'm NOT a PC

Hello again - its me, Eve. I introduced myself back in July and told you about my infatuation with Adam. He is still dreaming about a MacBook, and I am still enjoying my writing and online publishing with a little piece of Apple heaven. Do I sound like I'm gloating? hope not. It's just that I've been so happy with my purchase of a MacBook notebook earlier this year. Things are so much faster and easier - and fun with my Mac!

I hope I don't sound like a commercial, but the features of the Macbook are nothing short of amazing. My Apple is so fast with its Intel Core 2 Duo processors, and has a ton of memory (2GB is standard!) I love the built in AirPort Extreme, allowing me to get wi-fi connected in so many places. I am sitting in a coffee shop right now, enjoying a strong cup while I blog away... When I'm not writing, I use my Macbook to edit photos with its amazing iPhoto applications. With a few clicks here and there, I can adjust exposure, straighten out a crooked shot and deepen colors. I feel like a professional! Oh, and don't get me started about the ease of uploading new songs to my iPod. When I'm not writing or blogging, you'll find me running - my favorite form of exercise. Its hard to log the miles without some energizing tunes.

As an author at Wikipedia, I am finding it much easier to publish articles ("wikkies") with my new Mac than with my old PC. Finding and uploading photos and videos is so slick. With the speed and memory of the Macbook, I have been able to download lots of new plug-ins for my ISP (thanks for all the tips, Adam!), which help with promotion of my articles. But maybe I like the Mac OS X Leopard the best. I can search across all applications on my laptop at once. Much slicker than Windows Vista. Lots of cool features with Leopard make my time using my Mac "wildly" productive (please excuse the pun).

Finally, there is the cool factor. Macs just rule! Looking around the coffee shop, I see several envious patrons eyeing my laptop. Not to mention poor Adam across the pond in London! I'd better get back to doing my "real" work now... I'll post more about my awesome Macbook later!

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Adam, Eve and the AppleMacBook

In case you haven't noticed, Adam has not been filling you in lately on his life and quest for an apple mac book. He's been busy - with me. We've been working together for awhile now and getting to know each other. Can you see me blushing? It's been a beautiful distraction from the complications of my daily life that I find so painfully boring.
He still wants an apple mac book, of course. It seems I am not enough to distract him from that goal. Then again, he hasn't met me in person.
I'm going to blog in his place for now and keep you up to date so he can concentrate on Internet marketing and the Thirty Day Challenge. As a writer, I really don't care much for the details of marketing, so I guess we make a good team. He doesn't want to write. I don't really get that. Am I the only one who is charmed by Adam's words? Or am I reading him between the lines? I hope he will be sweet enough to stop by and comment so I can read a little of his accent today.

I'm getting sappy now, sorry. I'm just a little taken with him. Maybe it's the accent. Maybe it will wear off and I won't feel this way after I meet him, if I meet him, in the real world. My infatuation just seems to be getting worse and I find myself becoming deeply invested in this man I can hardly claim to know. Why, in a city full of men, do I need to look across the ocean for a suitable match? New York is supposed to have it all. It seems to have everything. It lures people in with the constant activity, the diversity of cultures, the theater, the food and the shoes. Yes, the shoes. The shoe selection in this city makes the price of rent worth every penny. Seriously though, in a city full of so many options why can't I find a man here? And no, I am not immense, hideous or ancient. I've been told that my standards are too high. I want a man that is dripping with integrity and the has the ability to turn a disaster into joke, or fill a otherwise boring day with laughter. Yeah, you can see my dilemma now.
Is Adam this guy? I don't know yet.
We're working together for now; combining our talents to build our own little empire of virtual real estate. I will continue to believe that adam likes me for who I am, or at least for my writing talent, and not for the apple mac book that is warming my lap at this moment. And even though the sound of his voice makes me want to pack up my computer and send it off to London, I won't. Handing over the apple just may ruin this little paradise, even if it is a mere fantasy.

Monday, 2 June 2008

30 Day Challenge Preseason has finally started by the help of Ed's Apple mac pro

Preseason of 30DC 2008 has finally started and a few hundred members watched the live video show from Ed's house in Australia, last night. It is amazing what these guys are doing. I would really like to know more about the real costs and technical equipment behind running such a show in live. It is about hundreds of megabytes of data, which has to be transmitted worldwide in real time. Well, I could just guess about it. I only know that Ed uses a very powerful Apple Mac Pro with more than one processor, a very large RAM under the Leopard operating system.

This is the Thirty Day Challenge Number 4 - (the fourth continuous annual challenge).

The official time of the 30DC 2008 is the East Coast Time (American east coast).

Official Internet browser is the latest Beta version of Flock, which is specialized for Web2.0.

Twitter is the most important 'thing' which has happened in the Internet marketing in 2008. We are going to study Twitter much deeper and we are going to use it for many very targeted activities.

The world has changed so much in this last year. High quality video rocks! There will be different options of video formats, considering the quality of the video.
All training material is going to be optimized for Apple products, such as iTunes, iPhone, iPod, AppleTV in high definition quality.
All streaming of the video will be done by Youtube. There will also be a BitTorrent version of the educational material.

We are going to see brand new Internet marketing approach how to harness any market niche.

Until the start of the Thirty Day Challenge 8 individuals have become a dollar millionaires!
Ed Dale has developed the 30DC to teach people to get out of the daily work slavery (a rat race), which doesn't allow you a distant life at all.

Everybody should start with $1 (dollar)! To respect one dollar and to move further.

Teams are going to be very important in TDC 2008, because it is so much easier to succeed in a good team. Internet marketing in 2008 is a Team Sport and Team Nature of work is at utmost importance.

The most successful group last year were small business owners, who applied new learned knowledge of web marketing to their small private businesses with some amazing results.
The relation between men and women in 30 DC last year was about 50:50, which is also an extraordinary result.

The new training platform - the interface is going to be finished in one week time.
There are going to be 2 pages:
- preseason time page
- thirty day challenge page
with very easy navigation.

Ed also awarded one random participant of the show by amazing combination of 3 huge high definition digital monitors.

I sincerely hope there will also be at least one Apple Macbook pro among awards in this year TDC and that I am going to get a chance to compete for one.
Well, I didn't mean it too seriously, because I know that the real price of the apple state of the art laptop macbook pro is very, very high.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

30 Day Challenge 2008 starts Today on my way to my dream Apple macbook pro

Starting Line
Originally uploaded by Atrayu
This day has finally arrived! The Thirty Day Challenge 2008 preseason starts today.
We are going to start to dig deeper and deeper into the land of Internet marketing and Web2.0. I still haven't got my dream apple macbook pro with leopard operating system and iChat, but as far as I know my old PC still works quite well.
Bye, until tomorrow...

Saturday, 31 May 2008

He looks very scary, but he loves Apple macbook pro and leopard op.sys

Who is that dangerously looking man from Sicilian underworld near Palermo with broad Australian accent?
As far as I know ha has been advising Pope Benedict XVI how to properly use Twitter to get more international attention for the last few weeks, and slowly he is finally getting some results out of this holly diplomatic efforts. Ed had been also achieved that Pope simply pushed away his old PC with Windows and has embraced new apple macbook pro with Leopard OS.
As you've probably already been informed by L'Osservatore Romano, the Vatican HQ wants to adopt Web2.0 and especially Web3.0 Internet marketing technologies to promote their Truth to its 1.16 billion Roman Catholic followers. And who on earth could be better for this extremely sensitive and complicated diplomatic job than very secretive Ed Dale with his hidden network of followers all over the planet?
Vatican carefully hired this man in black through the assistance of Italian Prime Minister and Media super magnate Silvio Berlusconi, who had been a secret student in the Ed's and Dan's Thirty Day Challenge 2007. He even graduated 30DC2007 with distinction, even though he hadn't earned $10, due to great lack of his English. He also very heavily used Ed's state of the art web marketing expertize to gloriously won Italian general elections, recently.

The most secretive CIA agent in Vatican known by the name Google Spyder has been just found out, that the Pope Benedict is preparing to sign an official Papal Bull, which is going to start with: 'Benedictus, Episcopus, Servus Servorum Dei.' It will also be issued with golden seal, which is an extremely rare event. It is about new 'Order of Pink Thongs', which is totally unknown to American intelligence community and which general postulator should have been (Msgr.) Dan Raine of Manchester.

CIA files also show that all individuals mentioned had been sworn their devotion to the Apple MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPod, Leopard operating system under the presence of Apple Saint Steve Jobs. That is immensely important fact, due to the brute consumer power of more than 1.16 billion people who respect personal opinion of the Roman Pope.

Friday, 30 May 2008

Not my MacBook Pro office setup, but of Blakespot

I found this very interesting photo of Blakespot's office today. It contains a very nice collection of Apple Mac computers, including my dream macbook pro. Such a positive pic is quite a nice motivation for my further digging into the land of Internet marketing, social networking, bookmarking, search engine optimization, web 2.0 and much, much more.
May is slowly coming to its end and the Thirty Day Challenge 2008 preseason starts on 1. June. I am hardly looking forward to it to learn loads of new skills about web marketing and to meet many new people from all over the world.
I could say, that I've got quite a nice group of mates already and every day we are getting more and more active social network wise.
I would really suggest to anyone, who is trying to succeed in Internet marketing to find some mates/friends to help and to encourage each other, and to exchange their knowledge and experiences as well.

some of my mates have already got their own apple mac pro's or macbook pro's controlled by leopard operating system

30 Day Challenge 2008 is coming

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Flock, a strong breakfast and apple macbook with iChat

February 2008 003
Originally uploaded by AppleMacBookPro
I've started to use Flock Internet browser a bit before my dream about Apple macbook pro have finally come to fruition. They say: 'Patience is a virtue'.
I still don't feel comfortable by using Internet browser Flock. I installed it properly, exactly as I saw in video lesson from Ed Dale. Not old version, but Beta version. It works perfectly well, it is even fast enough.
I also logged to my social web 2.0 sites through Flock, such as Digg, Flickr, Gmail, Pownce, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.
They all work so well and very smoothly, but I simply don't feel comfortable, yet. I am going to need some time to get used to new Flock environment, and I am also looking forward new videos about how to use the Flock, which Ed had promised.
What do you think about my breakfast? A bit of fresh tomato, scrambled eggs, fresh white bread-baguette, a coffee? (these pen, and a USB key were just for a decoration)
I hope, the Flock will become a part of my mind very soon and that I will feel much more comfortable at using it, than I feel now.

How many more breakfasts am I going to have before the aple macbook pro is going to arrive to my life? (I hope not too many, though)

iMac, iPod, iPhone, iChat, Leopard operating system, Steve Jobs

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

The Future of Free Interent is at Stake no matter the Apple macbook

Let's not allow to that faceless multinational corporations to take our freedom. Let's stop their attempts to control our life, even more. My dream about Apple MacBook pro doesn't play any role in this activities.
It is about our basic freedom. It is about Freedom of Internet.
It is about control over the faceless telecoms global corporations.
Don't leave your neighbor MP, senator, congressman, politician, and any leader not be additionally informed about the intention of these telecoms giants.

At least, Apple Mac has created an amazing and powerful community, which is quite coherent in reactions, if threatened by anyone really. Together, we could restrain these telecoms giants quite easy, no matter their size and money power. Do you know how? They are all managed by people by names, who could be addressed properly, when needed. Apple MacBook and Leopard O.S. rule as a community, as well.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

My Internet Marketing view is not clear yet on my way to Apple macbook pro

Originally uploaded by AppleMacBookPro
I could describe my web marketing knowledge as this picture. Still lost In the bush, without a clear view to the great land of Internet marketing, social networking, search engine optimization, social bookmarking, quality content creation.
I am really looking forward to my learning apprenticeship in 30Day Challenge 2008 to learn more by Ed and Dan and their company and to finally clear my view to the any viable web business.

my dream apple macbook pro 17 and leopard operating system are going to help to clear those online marketing shrubs in front of my eyes

Sunday, 25 May 2008

appla macbook and spring time

Originally uploaded by MacBookForMe
Day by day I am getting more convinced my dream about apple macbook pro is coming closer. How do I know that? I simply feel it...really, we are quite close to that special day of getting one brand new only for me to use. Oh, how I am waiting to that special moment

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Twitter is not reliable tool such as Apple Macbook pro

This picture expresses quite well my feelings today about some web 2.0 tools, including twiter.
I wanted to fulfill my old, many times repeated promise to learn more about the Twitter and to install the Twhirl. I was listening the video from the 30DC blog, where Ed precisely explains how to install it and how to use it well.

Sorry, for the all spring red roses, but the Twitter didn't work at all. It wasn't possible even to login properly. I really feel sorry for these guys there, because in this way they are going to loose some valuable clients for sure. There are some other similar tools on the market already and the competition is getting even more intense.
I am sure, that apple computers and laptops and other electronic gadgets (iPhone,iPod, etc.) work much better and are much more reliable than that poor twitter. I hope apple macbook pro is going to be really portable that I could carry it everywhere with me on my journeys.
I could also imagine of getting an Internet marketing apprenticeship at Ed Dale or at Dan Raine, sometimes in the future, if I am going to learn enough about quality content creation, search engine optimization no page and off page, tricks with video editing and posting, and much more.
I am truly looking forward to 30 Day Challenge 2008 and to Immediate Edge immediately after. I truly want to commit myself on a 24/7/365 basis to web marketing and I am willing to chew the snails on this way to achieve such a goal.
And of course, I haven't forgotten my dream about apple macbook pro 17 glossy with enough RAM only for, and an iPhone to accompany me to wherever I go (even to the rest room):

I hope, that twitter - twhirl partnership is going to work soon, because I am not going to give up so easy

Friday, 23 May 2008

My Diggy (Apple )MacBook account reduced a lot in pursuing my Leopard dream

My Digg macbook (apple pic) profile has been on a very strict vegetarian diet for some time. It was simply unbearable to control hundreds of absolutely dead friends and fans, who were shouting at me at all times of the day and night, and when I'd shouted back that hadn't heard me at all, or they had simply ignored me. I felt really stupid and neglected by all that dead crowd in my profile under topic: Friends.
So I performed some little tests through a few short and quite cute shouts over the week. Today is Friday, the last working day before weekend. I decided it was going to be my clearing day. I wanted to sleep tight over the weekend. I really like statistics, sometimes. Today the statistics helped me to decide, who is going to be deleted as a friend or a fan. At the end of the day I have finished with about 127 living souls being written in my profile. I know very well that the whole process of reducing my Diggy list on my way to the new apple macbook pro equipped with leopard operating system is still far away from optimal. The list is going to further reduce to about 100 good mates, I could really rely upon at all virtual circumstances.
These are all heavy duty girls and boys from all over the world, who are not afraid to sit in front of their screen for many hours per day, if needed so.

Over the weekend I am finally going to study Twitter a bit deeper, even though it is constantly causing technical problems. Obviously guys at Twitter have been having cash problems for new computer servers in the same manner as me, considering buying my dream apple macbook pro. I hope the financial situation is going to get much better for both parties, soon.

Don't forget about 30 Day Challenge, which starts in 1.June!

Thirty Day Challenge 2008

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Where Big Guys make money for their apple macbook pro

Today, Ed Dale told his audience where anyone could get all the professional knowledge and 24/7 support by personal expert for absolutely all professional web business needs. That means, when you exactly know what do you want to do, what do you want to offer and sell. You could sell products or services. The most important fact is, that you need to know exactly what do you want. This is for guys, who already use apple mac computers and Leopard OS in their every day work or online fun.
Watch this video about StomperNet, if you want to know more about this highly professional service.

I only know, that I really don't know yet what I want to do online.
Maybe, I still haven't got enough Internet marketing knowledge and experiences of what and how to do online?
I am sure I am going to learn much more in this year's thirty day challenge and I am really looking forward to its start, soon. After the 30 DC 2008 I could join Immediate Edge to learn even more professional technical knowledge. At that time, I am going to have a perfectly clear view of what and how to do and to continue my Internet marketing every day reality in StomperNet. Well, at that stage in my personal web marketing development I am more than sure, that I am going to be a proud owner of one apple macbook pro 17 glossy for some time, already.
Ed also said today, that he hasn't ever had a better electronic gadget that is his iPhone. He praises apple iPhone at all times.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Skip blogging to read more about apple macbook pro and leopard os

Only a few words today. That means not much quality content is going to be posted today on this blog about my apple macbook dream, because I want to read some more articles about using macbook pro in every day life, now.
I was cutting the weed off my Digg account today, twitting a few nice web sites I had been stumbled upon, and received one wonderful story about how one cute lady from Australia has finally achieved her long lasting dream to get one apple macbook pro for her personal use. I was so happy reading her passionate email, she sent to me. She took a business leasing to get one apple laptop for her business use. I know, that she is much more productive in her online business activities, now and much more creative in her blogging, as well.

Monday, 19 May 2008

Spring Clearance of my messy Digg account for the sake of my dream apple macbook pro

Every now and than it comes time to check up my web 2.0 accounts and today I was dealing with my totally messy MacBook Digg presence. I've managed to collect many hundreds of contacts there (almost a thousand) as fans and mutual friends, which were mostly dead. Oh yes, my contacts were dead as rocks. I finally decided to put that account in order and to get much better overview over the situation there. I am slowly preparing for a revolutionary shift to apple macbook pro and to Leopard operating system and I really want to do that in a very organized and minimalistic web 2.0 environment. I am going to be too occupied with learning how to use new Leopard os and all those wonderful programs written for a apple mac, especially iChat and ScreenFlow or something similar.
I was a real butcher today. I simply deleted hundreds of my dead contacts on digg and at the end of the day I really felt much better and lighter. I left only about 200 names and I am going to additionally shrink these 200 to about 100 quality ones, which are alive.

This early morning my 'Intelligence department under the stairs' has managed to intercept a very interesting secret video twitting Seesmic (Ed Dale) - a video messaging system, which is still in Alpha phase of testing. It is going to be a Twitter on steroids or red bull. I'd really felt like British secret intelligence between the WWII, when they had managed to confiscate one real and untouched German Enigma cryptic machine. Instead of sending 140 digit text messages like Twitter, Seesmic is going to share - deliver a real video messages. That is so very cool! And of course, Ed Dale and his Lab gang is already involved in testing. I tell you something. If you wanna know the recent state of the art Internet marketing technologies, tips and trick just follow the Ed. He is a very slippery guy, who is in constant move, but put some efforts and follow him, wherever he goes. You don't need to worry for your personal safety, he is not an extreme sportiest freak, because he is a resposible father of a young family, and all that makes the process of spying about his new knowledge and new Internet marketing techniques a bit easier.

I still haven't studied twitter enough, as I wanted to. I'll do that tomorrow, I hope. I simply need to, if I want to increase my online income to finally buy a new apple macbook pro 17" glossy, just for me.

Photo by gurneyh Thanks!

Sunday, 18 May 2008

dream apple macbook, mac twitter and green Sunday

Sunday was green as I said yesterday. There is nothing more nice than a forest or a park in spring time. All around wonderful aromas of blossom and fresh green grass and tree leaves. My eyes are much better today. Fresh air, fresh view. Many new thoughts were running through my empty mind, even though I had decided not to think too much, but just relax surrounded by fresh green background.

I wanted to learn more about twitter today and to go through video educational material about it on the 30DC web site. I am very procrastinating considering twitter, yet I know how powerful that communication tool is. Well, I know only what Ed and Dan talks about it, but I can also see people are using twitter every day in announcing something interesting to their followers. These days anyone who means something in the world of web 2.0 and Internet marketing is using Twitter. My personal experience with twiter gadget on this blog, which was showing my twitts is quite bad. Obviously the company doesn't have enough powerful servers and they are constantly out of work or it took more than a minute to load my twittings to my blog, which blocked this blogger blogspot to load fast enough. Google doesn't want to wait when visiting your web site to scan it for indexing your web pages and I certainly don't want that destiny.
I want to be visible for google at all times. If I need to choose between google and twitter my decision is very simple and I kicked my twitts out of this blog, until the service gets better. I think, that the company has problems, because every day there are more and more new people signing to use it.

I also read today, that the company has implemented a very interesting system of punishing twitter spammers in a way that spamers are not harmful with their messages for other users any more. The algorithm is so sophisticated that the spammer even don't know that he is got blacklisted. How very clever.
Every day I am getting more and more spamming emails to my googlemail account. It looks like that the company don't even care about all those billions of spam mails as they could with their immense technological superstructure, which is constantly growing.
By the words of Microsoft's boss Bill Gates, google already serves about 75% of all searches in the world. Judging by that fact, I think that the company could have much easier block and delete spamming emails at their very source.

I wonder, if Apple company is planning to introduce also a mac book pro equipped with new series of Intel Quad processors, which are getting cheaper and cheaper?

Photo by Fresco Tours Thanks!

Saturday, 17 May 2008

What should I write today about apple macbook and the ThirtyDayChallenge?

That fly has red eyes like me, today. Maybe, she had been binge drinking yesterday? (Photo by corvus72 Thanks!)

Toady, I really don't see well. A bit of too much focusing to computer screen in front of me and too many Internet learning hours and my bad eyes cannot cope too well. Tomorrow is Sunday and I am going to surround myself with fresh green grass and trees, which are very effective cure, like a healing balsam for tired eyes (so they say). I'd got totally scared today, when my old PC had frozen with absolutely no sign of life. Not even one green or red LED light was flashing, computer screen was dead, as well. After I unplugged all cables and repeated the procedure the computer started well as usually. Oh, how I was afraid. I urgently need it until I finally get my dream apple macbook pro 17 glossy or something similar from apple and powered by Leopard operating system, because I would love to use iChat.

I've found out, that I have a serious problems with using many web 2.o social networking and social bookmarking web sites, forums, etc. Each of them is something special and each of them has its own community. If I spend just a bit more time on any of them I immediately start to build my own nice community there. That doesn't mean that I start just like this to befriend new people, who I am meeting for the first time, but I really like to join their existing interest groups. What is the problem, than? The only problem is time spent on these web2.0 sites. The time I am spending on this virtual communities is far too long. I would like to contribute on many social web sites, but that is very hard to achieve, because the day has only 24 hours. Maybe, the recipe is to stick just with Internet sites, which I especially like...I am really not sure what could be the best tactic in this department.

Anyway, I am certain, that I am going to stick with Thirty Day Challenge 2008, because there is so much to learn and their leaders are very strict and straight, considering loads of fun and creative activities every day. Only watching their videos if a great fun and totally different approach than any ultra boring official educational institution. I have found out, that I am really learning so much new knowledge and experiences about Internet marketing, if there is enough socializing and laugh involved. I could do that for long hours not getting tired or bored at all. There are people from absolutely all over the worlds and that is simply amazing.

I hope I could do my 30DC 2008 on my old PC, because it was simply too early to earn enough for my new, dream apple macbook pro.

Friday, 16 May 2008

Page Rank Rocks on the way to my Apple MacBook Pro

Page Rank is a number, which shows how much Google loves your web site or any other particular web page. Higher is the page rank, higher is the fondness, which Google expresses to your web site. If I would like to earn enough to buy my new dram apple macbook pro 17" glossy, I simply need to do my best in learning tips and tricks of Internet marketing.
I still don't understand very well, how did I jump from PR0 to PR4 and even PR5 on two of my pages? I started on 10. February 2008 and I haven't posted really regularly after, even though I know very well, that Google loves you much more if you post every day. It is quite similar as it is in a real life. More attraction, more love, or something similar. I am really not very experienced in this matter.

How it is about relationship between my blog or any other web site and the Google? It looks like this search engine is a huge lover, who is engaged with billions of web pages and who constantly evaluates its partners and ranks them to express its love to them in accordance with their ranks. Higher the PR rank, higher the google love.

I rather won't judge the ethical side of such a promiscuous behaviour of being only one entity and having a relationship with billions of different web pages. I leave that judgment to more experienced and wise people than me to decide about. Such is a modern world today. Sergey Brin and Larry Page, founders of the largest and the most important search engine are very smart guys, who are interested in technicalities, not a morality of this story.

In last days/weeks I was playing a bit with measuring the strength of a good text link and I found out, that the PR (page rank) really plays a very important role in the rankings of search engines, especially in the niche markets.
Let be straight with some facts here. I am interesting only and only in little Internet niche markets. I have absolutely no chance to compete with big guys out there, who could afford to spend more per week to pay for the best SEO service, than I could earn in one whole year. I have some little chance to do quite well only in the small niche market, if I perform Internet marketing activities in as optimal way as possible.

I've got two new friends who were willing to participate in some measurements with their niche web sites and results were quite impressive. Once we also needed to remove the link, because it appears that it was simply too strong and one non monetized niche site had been pushed up in rankings and had overtaken the other web site from the same owner, which was monetized. Monetized site slipped to the second page in search engine ranking, which is not attractive at all, considering making web income from organic traffic.

There is so much more to learn and I am really looking forward to follow, what Ed Dale and Dan Raine and their friends are making ready for us in the Thirty Day Challenge 2008. Follow me, if you want to learn more about the topic of web promotion in the best possible way, absolutely free of charge.

Ups, there is also Robert Somerville alas Guru Bob - the TechnoLab boss, who I forgot to mention and to praise above.

I hope I am going to get my new apple macbook pro with leopard operating system soon to stop loosing tens of hours every week by using old slow PC and windows

Photo by Banalities Thanks!

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Apple MacBook Air is just one of the awards in Thirty Day Challenge 2008

One of the awards in 30DC 2008 is going to be Apple MacBook Air!!! Could you believe that? I dream about regular apple computer or macbook pro, but they are giving Apple Air, which is state of the art of the latest technology? Well, that is something for me to keep me awake at any time, really.

My dear friends. It was very worthwhile to stay awake last night and to enjoy the official announcement of the pre-season of the Thirty Day Challenge 2008 by Ed Dale.
That was a real launch of Thirty Day Challenge 4 - IV. Dan Raine was constantly present through texts he was sending by iPhone from the airport, where he was waiting for a late plane to England.
Ed started with so grand and so powerful classic music, that my eyes were immediately full of tears. Old memories had started to come to my mind. He had really managed to touch me profoundly.

Are there any catches in TDC? Absolutely not, says Ed Dale.
Teams are vital! Some friendships gained in the thirty day challenge lasts for life.
I am truly looking forward to start it this year at full pace on a 24/7 basis.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

There's a hidden Diamond in this video, but not Apple Macbook pro

It is truly worthwhile to watch this ULTRA LONG video of two Internet marketing gurus: Ed Dale and Dan Raine (Thirty Day Challenge). Obviously, they were in a very good mood especially for this occasion. This video is not just an another promotion for Apple MacBook, however you could hear some promotional praises about Apple TV (AppleTV) at the end of the video.

There is a 'hidden diamond' - a true 'secret weapon' in this video, which could save you long hours of very hard work of Internet marketing, social bookmarking or any other serious social networking. I strongly suggest you to watch it. If you need any further explanation, don't hesitate to ask.

Web TV provided by Ustream

I am also looking for any friend out there, who would like to join me in our Internet marketing exploration of social networking, SEO, social bookmarking, content creation, quality back links building, graphic manipulation, video editing, etc.
I am really not so good in putting words into sentences, but maybe there are some topics where I could be of a bit better use. I think, if we join forces, knowledge and experiences we could do something really nice and valuable. We could also create a nice team for the Thirty Day Challenge 2008.

Even though, I still haven't got my own Apple MacBook Pro and its master Leopard to control it, I think I could contribute some 'link juice' to our joint efforts.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Apple MacBook dream, Internet Real Estates of Adam Jones from Kilburn,

This photo represents an empty field. It is located very close to my house in Kilburn, London. It reminds me to my empty Virtual Field, may non existing Internet real estate, which is just asking to be populated by virtual buildings as web sites, blogs, social networking sites, bookmarks, etc. It reminds me, that there is a chance for me to finally become somebody who owns his own property, even though that is only a virtual property such as a blog or a simple web site. I know that the best hardware for building such virtual properties is Apple MacBook Pro and Leopard operating system, which are my blogging dreams.

It took me a very long time to understand the term of Virtual Real Estate - Virtual Property - Virtual Empire.
I know, that the property market had got totally crazy in last few years in Britain. Many people made $millions just by buying and holding their properties. House prices were rising so fast, that people started to buy houses in the same manner as they were buying bread rolls in their local supermarket. Very cheap loans had been allowed very easy house or flat buying for people who wanted to buy them. Even buying computers such as PC or apple macbook were not so easy to purchase. There was always a second thought considering buying computer equipment for those people. Yet, they were taking mortgages to buy houses as mad. Sometimes banks had been approving loans of 120% value of the property! (I've never seen a bank which could offer a loan of 120% value of the personal computer, even though one could make a very nice money by working on that PC.)
Than, it came a notorious Credit Crunch - a world financial crisis, because of greedy bank managers who were lending money to people with bad credit records. Repossessions are a sheer reality almost everywhere today. Thousands and thousands of families are going to lose their house due to negative equity of their property and the fact that they are not able to repay their credit obligations - loans.

Whenever Ed Dale (Thirty Day Challenge) had mentioned buying and selling web sites and blogs as a very lucrative and very tempting business, I just skipped this talk. I thought the topic is somehow connected to real estate agents, who is the worst possible group of people in Britain to deal with. They con people in so many ways, that it is simple unimaginable. I have started to despise the Labour government, just because they allow such a criminal behavior. BBC TV has been constantly showing how real estate agencies are tricking people to extort extremely high profits just for abusing internal information about properties, they are representing. I would much rather talk to a street bagger than to any real estate agent, because I simply trust more to the average bagger than to those properties 'con-agents'.

Oh, how I was terribly wrong in my perceptions about the topic of web virtual empires. There is a business, which is so very attractive and profitable. That business is building virtual properties, monetize them and sell them for a profit. Of course, you do not need to sell those Virtual Households, if you prefer to earn constant income by holding them and managing them properly. These web sites are like any other buildings. If you want to keep your own house in a good condition you simply need to manage it nicely as a good master by keeping it clean, dry, technically maintained and fully operational. You also need to have a proper insurance policy that you could sleep tight with no worries about potential loss in any accidental occasion.

I was such a silly boy! 'Oh, how I was stupid!' That was my personal comment, when I had finally realized what lies behind the term of Online Real Estates. I could have been financially totally independent already, if I only would had been realized where the future of business were moving on time.
It really doesn't help me a lot if I feel sick for my short mind for too long, though. I was looking for the opportunity to start to learn. I wanted to learn as much as possible about online Internet Business and Marketing. More I was looking around, more different strange words were coming to my reality. Social networking, social bookmarking, Internet marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), key words - key phrases, back links building, writing text, making your own photos, making your own podcast, making your own video - all that is called content creation. And there is so much more.
Far too much for a good taste. And deeper I dug, wider and more complicated everything looked. I really needed many months to started to realize what an immense Virtual Property Internet really is. What a powerful Virtual Tool that could be! And that even I could find a little field there just for me - my own virtual empire.

Monday, 12 May 2008

Internet Marketing Guru Ed Dale has announced the Thirty Day Challenge 2008

Originally uploaded by MacBookForMe
My first post from flickr to my blog

A red star in my Thirty Day Challenge tool bar in my Mozilla Firefox Internet browser was flashing this morning. It reminded me that there was a new message from the ThirtyDayChallenge web site I needed to open. I immediately checked up the news and it was a video from Ed Dale about the 30DC. He has finally announced the official pre-season opening of the '30 DC 2008' on Wednesday night about 8pm, eastern time (eastern time means the time zone of eastern coast of USA, you know Boston, New York - they call it 'Big Apple' and there around).
Oh my Goodness, you simply can not even imagine, how very excited I am about this challenging event! Adrenaline is flushing all over my body and my face is red-ish like I would have been drinking too many pints of lager.

Learning and trying about flickr secrets which Ed has been mentioning all the time, but if I'm honest I really have no official clue what is that flickr fuss there all about. I am sure he is going to explain a bit more for us, who are not so lucky and fast in our Internet marketing expertize capacity.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Apple MacBook Pro is the only missing element of Sunday

The weather is just wonderful these days, and spring time in May is certainly the best part of the year. I did some SEO (search engine optimization) foruming yesterday and this morning and I need to say that I found some very useful and inspiring tips and tricks out there. People could learn so much on Internet these days, but only if they are willing to spend enough time indoor in front of their screen to browse the web and to learn. It is really nice to belong to any community, where people with similar interests are sharing their knowledge and experiences.
I have joined UKWebamsterWorld, yesterday and I need to say, that my first experiences were quite pleasant. Despite my low expert knowledge about the Internet Webmaster topic I feel very comfortable, there. There are also guys like me, who are there to learn and to cooperate to achieve their Web marketing goals faster and smoother, than doing that all alone.

It could have been truly amazing Sunday, if I would have already got my desired apple macbook pro 17" with glossy screen. To go outdoor in the forest, park, grass field accompanied by laptop, some sandwiches, crisps and a can of cold beer or two. Surfing world wide web through mobile broadband Internet connection, sipping cold Guinness or any other lager, rally. (...dream Johny, dream...with open eyes) An association has just popped to my mind; an old poem written by Siegfried Sassoon: 'Does it matter', which goes like: Do they matter? those dreams from the pit? you can drink and forget and be glad. and people won't say that you are mad... It is a very sad poem about war veterans, who had returned from the slaughterhouse of the WWI and they simply could not integrate into society any more. Many of them terribly wounded and 'crippled'. I still vividly remember this poem from school. (Only in one day more than 58.000 young British soldiers (18-22 yo) lost their lives. We should learn more from such terrible events. We should really appreciate peace and freedom and all what we've got today.)

I would like to help good people out there, who are interested in link building for their web sites. I've never had any really good and strong tool considering link analysis. Of course, I've got a few, but never as good as I would have wished to. This morning I finally found one tool. A guy called Spider-Man posted a link to free SEO tools, which is on the web site SEOPRO. Australian company, wow, that is in the Land of Oz, the homeland of Ed Dale, as well. So here is a deal for me in the near future:
1. First is to learn much more about Internet marketing, web 2.0, 3.0, making nice promotional videos and posting them to video servers like youtube, googlevideo, flickr, etc. Social bookmarking, social networking, quality content creation, SEO and building quality back links.
2. Second is to get one apple macbook pro 17 glossy and Leopard operating system only for me.
3. Third is to finally visit the land of eternal sun, kangaroos, koalas, coral reefs and cute sharks, hard working and always smiling people: Australia - The land of Oz, down there or down under to where Quantas flies, when British Airways loses its luggage at brand new Heathrow Terminal 5 (T5).

However, there is absolutely no other community out there, which could be so good, so useful, so knowledgeable, so numerous and so very attractive as it is Thirty Day Challenge (30DC) by Ed Dale and Dan Raine and their gang of Internet Followers. And they are all riding their Apple Mac Pros with Leopard os and regularly Twittering by their Apple iPhone-s.

Photo by Subhash Chandra Thanks!

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Ed Dale reads my humble blog Apple MacBook Pro Dream and drives Prius

It crashed into my mind like a real bomb explosion this morning! When I wanted to write a new blog post, I found out there was a comment to be moderated. First, I was afraid that I offended somone in my last blog post. Second, I thought it is some advert for buying Apple Macbook pro, iMac, mac pro, mac airbook, even iPhone and iPod, which are sent regularly.
I anxiously opened the comment and I slowly read it. Wow, holly cow, I couldn't believe what I was reading. It was Ed, famous Ed Dale himself - Thirty Day Challenge. (I've already told you that my sight is not too good and that sometimes I see a very crazy melted letters and graphics and I need some additional time to focus my view.) Did Ed Dale really saw my blog? Did he read my posts? He had answered to my questions I had written about him, if he lives environmentally friendly life?
That was really a great and nice shock to me. I was so very excited, that I needed to read the Ed's comment a few times more to be sure it was him. He as a top expert in his profession, who knows thousands of important people and who is socially connected to thousands of more, has taken his precious time to read my humble newbie-beginners blog full of mistakes? I am speechless.

He drives a Toyota Prius, the same as beautiful and gorgeous actress Angelina Jolie. He also has an energy efficient household.

I wanted to continue my writing from my last post about prime sources of modern Internet marketing knowledge. I wanted to reveal at least one of them. I wanted to write about real good leadership, which is a necessity in any successful activity of any group of people. There is no successful project without a good project leader. (this old Roman saying sounds very posh and it pronounces a basic condition for something...: 'Conditio sine qua non.' WOW, I found a mistake on Wikipedia - in original old Roman texts it was spelled as conditio, not condicio, yet the pronunciation of both spellings is the same - different spelling is due to a difference between classic and traditional Latin).

One wrongly spelled letter does not do any harm in life, yet it could lead computer to calculate a wrong result, because computers do not make mistakes considering basic calculations and logic operations. However, in Internet marketing and especially in SEO (search engine optimization) and social bookmarking it is sometimes very advisable to commit some little, simple mistakes to differ from the crowd. People do make mistakes, while typing their words in google search. How do I know? I am doing similar mistakes constantly when I need to search for something. And if you look at Google Analytics about which key phrases = key words have brought traffic to your web page you could find so many spelling mistakes in search phrases. Google is our new God, who we should all obey and respect unconditionally, no matter if the God likes us and rewards us by climbig up the rankings or punishes us by dropping in search engine ranking, or even excludes us to prison called google sandbox and supplemental index.
A little planned mistakes in social bookmarking - tagging could help your link to be seen as unique and regular, not just as spamming array thorough the myriad of social bookmarking web 2.0 web sites, created by SocialMarker, SocialPoster and many more professionally written software for performing social bookmarking in a half or a fully automatized/robotized manner on PC Windows/Vista or apple macbook pro Leopard.

I wanted to write about many different topics today, but I am simply too excited by Ed Dale's comment and I need some more time to rethink what I had meant to write. I wanted to write about his work, I wanted to write about his openness, kindness and down to the earth stand in life, even though he is ultra successful business wise.
After his comment I need to reshape and resize my thoughts to look more natural and not directly influenced by his presence here.

Ed, I simply need to admit: You made my Saturday! I need so little to be highly motivated and to continue my journey to the land of web marketing. Thanks, I hope I am soon going to join the happy world family, who run apple macs, imacs, macbooks, iPhones, iPods, and especially Leopard OS.

a positive comment made by Ed Dale from the Land of Oz means much more than just a little

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Thursday, 8 May 2008

Just another beautiful day to apple laptop macbook-ing (pro)

Early sunny morning. The day is still young. My cup of coffee was as usually delicious and refreshing, even though without my desired apple macbook pro (oh, how that coffee can make my day to start it smoother and easier). In recent weeks I was thinking a lot about Internet marketing, social bookmarking, social networking, content creation, SEO, and all those very many other web 2.0 computer software technologies. I have read tens and tons and teens of different web sites, blogs, eBooks, emails and email newsletters, web pages. More I have read, more I've slowly started to realize where the true quality of Internet marketing teaching lies/rests/lives. Where these basic sources of web marketing wisdom really are.

Are there really any basic origins of Internet marketing out there? Are you sure or you are just making up to grab enough attention around you to feel more important in your 'miserable low life'? These days everyone wants to become a celebrity. A celebrity chef, celebrity singer, celebrity footballer, celebrity Big Brother. There is no end of celebrities. How could I trace some celebrity Internet marketers or rather marketeers, if I am not skilled in spying and other clandestine detective techniques?
Maybe, by following the footprints of knowledge and simple use of a tinny pinch of a common sense which anyone of us certainly possesses, as a default by our genetics, from our mothers and fathers and grandparents, as well. There is a journey to find a secret nest of holly web marketing knowledge out there. It is going to be very rough and painful and you are going to spend tens, better to say hundreds or even thousands of hours, if you want to reach that holly grail of web wisdom to allow you to become truly financially independent for good.
Is it worthwhile? Such a sacrifice of my spare time? What about my social life, my buddies, my pub, my night club, my gym, my rowing classes, my travels, visits of my relatives and parents? Do I need really to sacrifice all of those for getting a really mature, boring professional in web business, who knows enough about it to become free for ever? The answer is plain and short: YES. It is going to be a travel of epic dimensions similar to that of James Bond Agent 007 or Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones, yet you won't travel on horse, ship, plane, boat, train. You won't be surrounded by beautiful, heavenly attractive, young girls but through the WWW = world wide web, equipped by computer, web browser and broadband Internet connection. You are going to stare into your screen, even though your eyes are going to be very sore and red in the middle of the night, while honest people sleep. There is no other chance to achieve the title of IM guru, without a great sacrifice. If you wanna travel the world really wildly, if you wanna enjoy on the Copacabana beach in Brazil, be accompanied by beautiful young ladies, and be served by smart butlers serving the most exotic chilled cocktails, there is only one way: sit down and study and forget about the rest of the world surrounding you.

In old times, wise people would have always given advise to younger, less skilled and less experienced members of the tribe=public: 'trace the money - follow the money'. That is certainly the best and the oldest technique in the planet, beside betrayal and getting information by physical or mental torture, as American President knows so very well, that he has even legalized 'weatherboarding', 'waterbeding', or how do they spell that terribly famous and ultra fashionable CIA torture? And all that in modern times of 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008? I am sure, that the President has been experienced, has been tested this trendy torture method personally on himself alone, before he legalized it and pronounced it, as a very useful and not harmful to human life.
Indeed, I have no wish for any dirty and bloody technique, but follow the money will do, as it has been done through the all long history of mankind, so many times.

Internet marketing = steeling ideas and copying them from other web gurus and publishing them on your own web site. Nowhere in any world activity which involve people they take = copy - I won't call that stealing so many ideas, words, pictures, digitized films, sound tracks in mp3 format(especially for the famous Apple iPod), and many more different data, as it is happening every day in Internet marketing. It seems, that everybody is copying everybody. People who haven't earned a dime for themselves are proudly teaching and loudly preaching of how to earn $millions almost instantly overnight? It is true, that many things are possible on the Web, but what is certainly not possible is getting rich online without an appropriate knowledge and good computer skills on apple macbook pro, if possible. If there are a few exceptions out there, that just confirms the previous sentence and certainly cannot be generalized to many more people.
'Give me your emails!'
'Sign here for my newsletter!'
'Subscribe to my RSS feed by pressing that huge, orange RSS Feed button!'

and other similar ways of how to obtain individual email address for building my own Mailing List, which is a total Must for any web promoter. Without these features I simply can not perform a successful business in IM department. Bombarding and spamming my mailing list by never ending selling offers, where I need to especially state a scarcity of a product or service I am selling. And I also need to offer a huge discount to my email bombarded clients, which needs to be written by colored, big letters. And in any case, I should forget to include carefully constructed and highly positive testimonials from happy customers, who have already bought my services and products and who had been felt an urgent pressure of expressing their praises about me, my products and my services. It looks like they are worshiping me. Me - I, as their Internet marketing guru, who is taking them carefully holding their hand along the road to Internet enlightenment. I am profoundly touching and improving their lives and they are immensely grateful to me.
Testimonials in text form, as podcast in audio form (and remember, there is nobody better out there, than Lisa Hartwell and her company and in recent time in the form of video testimonials, which are of course, far the most successful and persuasive. However, not many of us really feel comfortable in front of the video camera and booking my hair stylist only for this occasion, could be a very expensive and highly annoying task, doesn't it?

Tracing and following the knowledge have finally brought me to the right people for my learning highway to the web marketing, social bookmarking, social networking, web2,3.0, SEO, grrrr.
Wow, I am tired and I am going to continue next time...

Am I going to see my Apple MacBook Pro 17 glossy, soon? Who knows? My wallet sucks!

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Wednesday, 7 May 2008

apple macbook pro Rush Time due to Ed Dale, again

Alarm, alarm, alarm...that is the sound which is vibrating loudly in my empty head. I am like these beautiful colorful parrots - Ara's - birds, which enjoy to scream to each other at all times no matter of what the rest of the world think about such a loud and 'inappropriate behavior'.

Ed Dale has officially announced that Thirty Day Challenge 2008 starts 1st, June, 2008 and not 1.August, as always. That means full three months earlier!
I made a plan to get new apple macbook pro 17" glossy till the beginning of this August just for me, but what should I do now? That means I need to get one mac laptop 90 days earlier. Well, I think that will not be possible due to financial drought in my wallet. I am saving pennies (pounds and dollars) for my desired purchase of Macbook, but my income streams are far away from buying new apple laptop till the end of this month - wow, and we are already deep in May.
What a shame...I am going to be forced to use this old Intel Celeron PC, which has been successfully upgraded by additional 1GB of RAM in April, for the price of $60. Now is much faster and it also runs some programs which I couldn't use before.
That's life: ups and downs. Sometimes wild fun and pleasure, next time sadness and tears.
Thanks to you Ed, at least I know my knowledge about Internet marketing and web 2.0 technologies is going to flow a bit earlier to my brain and maybe, I could be able to learn enough of quality content creation and social bookmarking to be able to make my own web site. My own web presence, my little Virtual Empire. Oh, how very much I wish to have my own web site which could offer enough good content, services or products to my web site visitors to make enough for a living.
I am not complicated at all. I am a very simple guy, who would really love to make my living through the use of immense power of Internet. I would truly love to be a friend with Google. I would like to know enough about SEO - search engine optimization and web marketing to create enough income to cover all my expenses. I am sure, that I will learn so much in 30 day challenge this year. That will be a fantastic opportunity to meet brand new people from all over the world, all races, all nationalities, all religions, all languages, and I am sure some of them are going to be my mates for helping each other and having loads of fun together. Maybe, we are also going to meet each other in real life and have some nice chat in real, not only through broadband Internet connection, which stinks so many times, even though I am paying $80 each month for this service. (Life is so very expensive in London.)
I am truly looking forward to the beginning of June to meet new friends from all over the planet!

I wonder, if Ed Dale offsets his carbon footprint, which is getting more and more popular promotional and marketing activity of successful people, worldwide? He lives in hot and wonderful Australia. Does he uses solar panels or solar tiles on his roof to generate free, green electricity? I should ask him about his environmental conscience personally at the 30 DC. I hope, he won't mind that green question.

Photo by kabils Thanks!

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

What a beautiful, sunny Monday for MacBook Pro wondering

I am going to remember this Monday, because the weather was simply immaculate for this climate which is constantly changing from sunny to rainy and back in just a few minutes. Spring nature is blooming everywhere and it is so very tempting to go outdoor and to walk, walk, walk, or simply to lie on the fresh, green grass somewhere more remote and do absolutely nothing, except maybe to dream about one new apple macbook pro which is coming closer and closer to my reality.
Well, that is a theory, practical life is quite different if one needs to stay indoor, especially because I needed to stay indoor in front of the computer screen and only here and there I managed to look through the windows to admire gentle beauty of this spring time.

London has got a new major Boris Johnson. Tired Ken Livingstone has retired and was replaced by young 'bullish guy', with Russian name, what I believe is a very good sign, considering properly addressing and truly attacking London criminals in the City. Much tougher approach is urgent to introduce a 'zero tolerance policy', which new major had chosen for his election campaign. (Rudolph Guliani had been very successfully introduced 'zero tolerance policy' in New York many years ago). A good measure of 'Russian tactics' is going to be needed to clean London of guns, knives and muggings everywhere. This change in London top leadership has been more than welcome. Good luck Boris!

Internet marketing is a huge topic. More I dig into, bigger and wider it looks to me. Am I going ever to understand this topic more to be able to perform it for a living? All these SEO (search engine optimization) - off and on page, social bookmarking, social networking, content creation, marketing, conversion, adsense, web2.0, web3.0, etc. And all those web marketing ingredients totally spiced by google. Google is everywhere in the topic of Internet marketing. Google is is the end. Google is a God of modern civilization. A Big Brother and controller of life. If one doesn't know, how to please and satisfy this corporate Data giant, one has no chances for a distant and successful living on Internet. I am learning to serve this power. I am learning to be a servant of google, to worship it and to praise it. This slavery has begun a few months ago and I am still green newbie in this amazing virtual world. I am a google slave, but I love it this way. I sincerely hope, that my future job is going to be Internet marketing or something similarly virtual what I could perform from anywhere in the planet, if there was a broadband Internet connection, Apple MacBook Pro and Leopard operating system.

Peter by Matt From London Thanks!

Monday, 5 May 2008

House prices are dropping by $1000 pw and (Apple iCer)

Economy in Britain is not at good health, at all. House prices are falling by $1000 per week! That is a very bad news for all people, who took out mortgages at the peak of the property prices. Some properties have already reached the status of 'negative equity', where the credit facility is higher than the value of the property.
Every bad is good for somebody else. They expect, that the house prices are going to fall for at least another two years, and maybe that could be a good news for me to get hold of my own flat or a house, one day. That would have really meant a peak of my material side of life.

However silly it maybe sounds, I truly dream about Apple MacBook Pro laptop, equipped with 17" glossy screen. I simply want to taste, to consume and to enjoy Apple Leopard operating system, for which they say, it is far the best graphic-multimedia operating system in the planet. Ed Dale says, iChat and many other very useful and tempting Mac programs are just features, which PC and Microsoft could only dream about. He says, that he simply cannot imagine his success without an apple mac pro. Of course, Ed and Dan Rain (man who wears a very special pink thongs) have many Apple Mac Pro computers under their roof, and all other electronic gadgets, which go along with apple. iPod and especially iPhone is a gadget, Ed simply cannot live without.

I've just got an idea. What, if I would ask Steve Jobs, if he would establish/announce the title of

Apple Mac Knight 1St class with golden wings and a pearl,

and the special ceremony as 'Apple Mac Knighting Ceremony - shorter AmKc'
(maybe even 'iCer' that everything would have been in Apple design shape)

for the individuals, who have had widely and extremely successfully promoting Apple Macs, iPhones, iPods, Leopard OS and all other special electronic machinery from the arsenal of Steve Jobs? He could invite them to any special place and to make a real ceremony by knighting those luck individuals. That would has been another outstanding opportunity for free and wide media attention. I believe, that HRH Queen Elisabeth II of Britain would have been delighted to teach forever young, unshaven Steve Jobs of how to appropriately conduct a high sounding ceremony of knighting.

Ed Dale is certainly a person, who deserves such a title, because he has already managed to persuade thousands and thousands Internet fans, that they had forever switched from Microsoft-Intel PC to Apple Mac and Leopard operating system and from old fashioned Nokia nad Motorola to state of the art, glossy and super sexy iPhone.

Ups, I almost forgot to mention AppleTV, which Ed has been promoting in the Thirty Day Challenge, Immediate Edge, StomperNet, Underachiever, DomiNiche to his tens of thousands and more of totally devoted and loyal followers.

And nobody could have done better Audio Marketing promotion for the entire 'Apple Mac Knighting Ceremony', than Lisa Hartwell, personally.

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Sunday, 4 May 2008

Oh, How I love Sundays without my new dream Apple MacBook Pro

OH, how I love a quiet Sunday. Nobody at home, me alone. Open window and only gentle, fresh spring air is entering my reality. A cup of tea helps to start a lazy day. Even though, I wasn't partying (I don't even remember how does a good party look like?) I feel quite tired. Long hours spent in front of my old screen and not moving enough has been showing its price. (new apple macbook pro with Leopard OS would have helped, though but...)
But, I don't complain, even a bit. I love laziness of this Sunday. I even didn't go to the church service, because there are some bad things happening with the high leadership of the Church of England. They simply don't know, what they would like to represent and do. They are so confused, that I simply cannot understand that and I cannot stand such a passive mood, either. There is absolutely no leadership, at all. Just a bunch of 'camp' old 'high brassed' priests, excuse me, bishops and archbishops. What a heavy titles for such a lousy work results.
They allow, that some 'flat-minded' archbishop of Nigeria commands to the Archbishop of Centerbury, who lives in a beautiful picturesque Lambeth Palace near the river Thames, opposite the British Parliament and Big Ben. That's all because Rowan William doesn't have 'man's balls' to behave as a man and as a boss of the institution he represents. What a shame!

I do like strong leaders, who know to lead, yet they are not dictatorial. They need to have a charisma, that one could immediately feel strong a kind of magnetic energy. They simply need to be attractive. Not so much physically by their body, face and appearance, but mentally and by their (work) results.
I like Ed Dale and Dan Raine (thirty day challenge 2008), especially because they are simple guys. Even though, they are very wealthy, comparing to me and to most people on this planet, every body could speak to them in a simple language. If you ask them something, they reply and they really offer so much expert knowledge, absolutely free of charge!!! in the world, where nothing is free.
That is something new for me, because I was used to wealthy class as very 'posh' and inaccessible, until them.

I really have a quiet, easy and lazy Sunday, because I still haven't got apple macbook pro 17" glossy screen to make me occupied at all times. I simply can't imagine, how many hours I am going to spend with one, when I am going to get one real MacBook, just for me? But, I am going to get one!

Photo by chelmsfordblue Thanks!

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Apple MacBook Pro is still my Bright Dream

NO, I haven't got it, yet. Apple MacBook Pro 17" glossy is still not making my computing days much more exciting, much easier and much more creative, as I am used to with my old PC companion and windows operating system.

YES, there were some successes on my way to this clear goal in past few weeks, but there is still long way to go to earn enough to buy my own Apple Mac computer and some other gadgets, which go along with Leopard OS experience. Good video camera, good microphone, fast wireless home network, much better High Definition digital video camera and quality still digital camera with appropriate lenses, to name but a few. I could have admired all this technical miracles on Ed Dale's live broadcasting on Internet. I know, that he is a 'filthy successful millionaire', but one doesn't really need millions to get a distant apple mac pro equipment these days, equipped with enough RAM, processor power and run by Leopard OS, doesn't it?
I truly am grateful to Ed Dale to show me a wonderful land of better computing, than it still is on my old PC. There is also Dan Raine, Ed's buddy, who is a great Internet marketing teacher and guru, like famous GuruBob or Guru Bob, a top computer programmer (a kind of an Einstein scientist from the Comp Lab), buddy of those two. They all run notorious Thirty Day Challenge, the largest world Internet marketing education program, which is absolutely free of charge.
Dan Raine is much more famous - a kind of a true celebrity (like gorgeous Paris Hilton and her bunch of girl friends) for wearing a special 'pink thongs', than he is famous for his expert state of the art computer programming, but we simply cannot judge people's personal opinion...because, there is a well known rule: 'Reputation precedes us.', as it was said in Kill Bill 1, where there was a great old fashioned fighter Uma Thurman - Beatrice Kiddo alias Black Mamba, Deadly Wipers assassination squad, made by Quentin Tarantino.

My computer had been finally upgraded with additional 1GB of RAM for £30-$60 and I really need to admit, that it truly works much, much better, than before. It just flies, if I compare it by my old PC experience. So simple, smooth and fast action as it was upgrading RAM memory of an old PC computer, and so great a difference in performances achieved.
I am note loosing hours in waiting to perform basic computer operations as before, any more. However, this is still not a condition, where I should have been satisfied. (women are never satisfied) Oh no, far away from that. Faster PC helps me to learn about Internet, blogging, Internet marketing, social bookmarking, SEO (search engine optimization), about virtually meeting new exciting and very interesting people from all over the world and learning from them and exchanging personal experiences...

I'm using much more frequently Digg, Mixx, StumbleUpon,, Ma.gnolia, Facebook, and many more social networking/bookmarking web sites. How do they call them? Web 2.0 technologies. If I am honest, I don't really know them well, but there is Web 3.0 already coming to our every day virtual life, and I still haven't got even a slightest clue of what does that mean?
And, if you ask me how much time I am spending on-line every day, my straight answer is 'a lot', and I don't regret it even a bit.

It is a beautiful, bursting, spring time in London and as far as I am concerned, my bright dream still is delicious, crispy and outstanding ... (apple macbook pro) ...

Photo by eddale Thanks!

Monday, 24 March 2008

SEO experts suggest older domains for new/fresh projects

I continue to read a lot about SEO and Internet marketing these days.
Gurus of that topic suggest older web domains for any new Internet project, which needs to be optimized for Google search rankings. What they mean by 'older'? Web domains, which are older than 2 years.
As they say, Google loves older sites, because it trusts them much more than to younger ones.

Gurus of Internet marketing topic, such as Ed Dale and Dan Raine (Thirty Day Challenge)suggested Apple Mac Pro with Leopard operating system. They especially love it for iChat, which allows them to freely communicate with many friends at the same time all over the planet in the form of live video.

(I sincerely hope I am going to get my new apple mac pro, soon)

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Easter snow, rain and very strong wind

Saturday was in the shape of Internet marketing, social bookmarking, unique content creation, SEO, key phrases. Oh, how I miss a stronger computer, such as Apple Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook Pro or even MacBook Air! I am wasting hours by much slower machine, but still I am quite happy, because it works...and I am learning, learning. I need to admit, that I especially like very many different tips and tricks of how to climb google rankings?

It was truly interesting weather, today. Blue bright sky one moment, next moment very strong cold wind and snow, next moment rain, and bright sky, many times in one day I saw, how this 'Easter snow and weather dancing story' had been repeated.

I did about 3 walks today, about 18.000 steps outdoor. I simply love to walk and I walk quite fast. There is nothing better than fast walk on fresh air outdoor, after long sitting in front of the computer screen.

Friday, 21 March 2008

Good Friday and my Easter SEO

my Easter SEO

Instead of resting and celebrating Easter, this year I'm deeply into SEO and Internet marketing to learn enough to do that for living (or at least as a pert time job). I could call this study 'my Easter SEO'.
I still haven't got new Apple Mac Pro with big glossy screen, but I believe, I am getting closer.

Internet marketing, link building, social bookmarking, quality content creation, analyzing web sites, SERP tracking, key words, tagged photos, tagged video, Web 2.0 web sites, social networking and more.

The topic of SEO and Internet marketing is wide enough to occupy me totally and the feeling of being lost is quite present everywhere around me.
And when I am getting feeling of being totally lost in huge amount of new data, facts and practical cases about what google loves and what google hates, a little SEO breakthroughs are started to show off in front of me.

One could read hundreds of pages of theory about SEO, Internet marketing, sound practices and guidelines of this profession, but still all that means almost nothing, if one does not try a real life out there. A real SEO cases on your own web or your buddy's web site. Try this, try that, day by day.
Whatever I was/am doing, I am getting rewarded or punished by google. If I am rewarded I climb the google ranking, if punished I am losing positions in google and I am falling down.

It is Good Friday, today, so I better stop with my chit-chat and make ready for Easter Bank Holiday.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Security alert caused by Apple MacBook Air

The suspiciously thin, Apple MacBook Air laptop triggered security agents (TSA) into highly alert state, until they hadn't successfully tested suspicious device, which worked perfectly well and very fast, even without hard disk drive. X-ray photo of MacBook Air looked like something totally new to the otherwise, technically well trained agents.
Agents put the owner of that Mac Air(he was a programmer Michael Nygard) in a holding cubicle to examine the matter more thoroughly. It took them so much time, that the poor guy missed the plane.

1. New Apple MacBook Air has got the best possible worldwide media exposure for absolutely free of charge
2. The Poor guy, who missed his plane, Michael Nygard got a really fantastic traffic to his blog and became 'Mac Celebrity', overnight

Monday, 17 March 2008

Apple MacBook Pro.... What a Beauty!

Apple really took enough time and designed it well...the second series is simply superb...the same as prices ):

Ladies and gentleman: Apple MacBook Pro

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Ma.gnolia as a flower tree and a Web 2.0 social bookmarking entity

Here, you can see a beautiful magnolia tree in its best appearance.

Ma.gnolia is also a Web 2.0 bookmarking entity. I wanted to describe it more precise, but I found out, that the guys at Ma.gnolia have really nice story about their site. Here is just a part of that story and Ma.gnolia link, so you could check it by yourself:

'What is Ma.gnolia? To understand Ma.gnolia completely, let us tell you a story. It's a story we like to call "And on the First Day, There was a Search."

Really, on the first day there was just one web page. Then there were two, and a link was made between them. Before long, there were lots of web pages, with many many links between them, and suddenly we needed specialized web sites to help us find other web sites. And the term 'search engine' became part of our new web vocabulary.'

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