Friday, 1 May 2009

Adam and Email

Eve again --I've sent Adam three emails in the last two days and he hasn't answered. I feel so rejected. I know he's back in London. I can tell by his tweets.

He had a big meet-up with a bunch of fellow geeks a couple of weeks ago-- person to person, face to face, in London,not New York but definitely London so why hasn't he been in touch?

Adam's all over the internet. I checked his Friendfeed. He is on every social media site you can think of. He's hot and heavy with all his female tweeps like @stephhicks @MARCOME and @pinkpackrat but he can't manage to reply to a simple email from me.

Can't believe I'm jealous of his tweeps and depressed about it too. I feel like I've been dumped.

I 'm really bummed. Time for some serious chocolate therapy.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

A Twit at Twitter

Eve here - I've been watching Adam's obsession with Twitter take hold over the past few months. He will go days without responding to my emails, but if I DM him on Twitter.... oh, I'll get a response right away. Its kind of funny. Could I be jealous of a social networking site?

He is really amazing on the site, I must say. Over 8,500 friends. Since I am just one of thousands, I don't know what I could do to get his attention back. I am a twit at Twitter.

So, while I pout, perhaps you too want to follow Adam on Twitter. Go ahead. I don't care.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Springtime is on its Way

After months of dreary rain and even - snow! - in London, I am finally starting to see signs that springtime is on its way. When the calendar wanes from February toward March, I know that there are just a few more weeks to the season change. Sure, we'll have more rain. But it will be a warm rain.

The blessing of buds on trees and the bulbs starting to sprout in gardens lifts my spirits on daily walks through the City.

The promise of new life and new hope. No wonder springtime is my favorite time of year.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Monday Morning Headache

I crawled out of bed reluctantly today. I was aware of my Monday morning headache before I even sat up. Now I'm here in the office just trying to keep my head up and get through the day. I hate Mondays. It is overcast and dreary at the moment, which doesn't help my mood. My head hurt too much for me to go for my morning run and I hit the snooze button one too many times.
I wonder how many other people suffer from the Monday morning headache or the Sunday evening stomachache. I remember reading once that Monday morning is the most common time to have a heart attack. The constant stress of our busy lives cannot be denied and the end of the weekend is something we all seem to dread.

On the bright side, I know this is simply a stress headache, and not a migraine or the start of new daily persistent headache. A couple of Aleve and it will ease up. Tomorrow I will wake up with out it.

In an attempt to distract myself from my Monday morning headache and cheer myself up a bit, I found this old Garfield episode.

Garfield's Monday Misery

Have you ever had a Monday morning headache? Stomachache maybe? A panic attack over the reality of another work week? I know that I am not alone in my dislike for Mondays!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Gotta Run

Some people in the 70s thought it was just a craze, but now you can see people everywhere out running. I live about 8 blocks from Central Park. Not only do I love to get my exercise in by running through the area (never after dark, of course), but it is a tremendous people-watching opportunity! As I am currently training for the New York City Marathon, I have gotten more diligent about my runs. Less than a month to go now, and I'm off to complete 26.2 miles! Um.... with about 100,000 other runners.

Adam is quite supportive of my goal, although I don't picture him out running - he is too busy on the computer. I've half joked with him that he should fly to New York and cheer me on. So far, he hasn't bitten. Maybe if I let him "borrow" my Apple Macbook during the run. HA!

So, I'm following a marathon training program recommended by Hal Higdon. Generally, I go out 3 times a week during the work week for 45-60 minutes (about 6-8 miles). On the weekends, I go for a long run - anywhere from 12-22 miles, depending on the week. My last long run before the marathon is next weekend. After that, I need to tail down before November 2! I have a friend on the West Coast that is running her first marathon this weekend. We're going to compare notes after her finish at the Portland Marathon.

As I cruise through Central Park, I imagine myself crossing the finish line of the marathon. My iPod is my constant companion, and I love to distract myself from the monotony of long miles by classifying the other road warriors that I pass. Here's my tally from yesterday:

Moms working off post-baby weight: 9
Men working out for a new girlfriend: 3
Anorexic/exercise bulimics: 4
Someone who just lost his job: 1
'Roid users: 2 (maybe 3)
True competitors: 6
Trying to stop smoking: 2

Of course, I classify myself as a "true competitor." We'll see what next month brings...

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